WhatsApp Extract Password From Android

This post is only for people who knows and use Yowsup and or its derivatives.Please do not send email/ comment asking how to use it for getting whats app on desktop. Just search it you will find it.

If you find below process too much to take and you have xposed framework installed you could try WhatsPwd as well

I was looking into an interesting  project MissVenom which use classic MITM to sniff the registration traffic to get the whatsapp password. If you wondering why I need a password for whatsapp, you shouldn’t be here. Unfortunately MissVenom will not working with new and future versions of android whatsapp (because  they have implemented server cert validation which makes ssl mitm to fail.). So I de-compiled whatsapp and started analyzing smali. I must say whatsapp devs spent some huge time or money to obfuscate the code Its pretty tough job.I thought I just have to figure out the place where they deserialize the magic ‘pw’ files and reverse the algorithm. When i looked into the actual algorithm its is pretty much complex with multiple encryption, and its very hard to figure out the seeds. Then i figured out a simple way why cant i just output the decrypted password and live with it. For this you need a rooted device to install the modified apk in case you  want to switch back to the original whatsapp.

So I used a very useful smali library IGLogger to simplify my life.so i edited the whatsapp smali, added a logcat out with password bytes.Then I recompiled apk and installed on to my device  and watch logcat . When you start whatsapp you will get a log cat entry like


in the new version I have changed logcat TAG to WhatsPwd so the logcat will be like


the ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ you are seeing is your password in hex bytes, in order to use in yowsup u will need to encode it in base64 you could use Online Tool . provide it to your client you are good to go.


  • Whats app wont allow multiple session so you will have to kill whatsapp running in you phone to use your other client.
  • Use any backup tool to backup your data before you do anything. I highly recommend titanium backup.

Steps to install modified apk without loosing data

  1. Backup your app and data using titanium backup
  2. uninstall whatsapp
  3. install modified apk
  4. do not open the whatsapp. go to titanium backup and restore whatsapp backup we created on step 1 . Make sure you “Restore Data”  and DO NOT RESTORE APP
  5. start app and watch logcat
  6. once you got the password you can restore the app if you don’t want your password in your log cat whenever you start whats app.

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        1. You just need to change the lines in iGLogger.java which contain android.util.Log.wtf to android.util.Log.d/e/…
          This is the problem for Android 2.x

          I would really like that!

  1. very helpful. worked wonderfully. thanks a lot!
    Im just hoping your “disqus” thing in the comments doesnt sends spam….

      1. well, I download the davidgf nightly few hours ago from http://davidgf.net/nightly/whatsapp-purple/x64/last-whatsapp.so
        I’m on a fedora 20 x64 and it say “server closed connection”.
        Is there any way I can check the password is the right one? I don’t know, some test script to check log from server or something similar?
        Is it also possible there is something wrong using at the same time PC and Smtarphone? I never had a connection established.

        1. could you tell me which method are you using ? using the apk in the above post or WhatsPwd app? whatsapp pwd is very specific to whats app version

          1. I’m using strictly the instructions into the post above including the backup part and the app you provided.

            EDIT: It works now, there was an error in my base64 password.

            Thank you to help.

  2. with the new release this modified apk does not work anymore, any chance to make with the new one?

    Or even better, a tutorial of how to do it, cause i really tried, but the app crashes when i add
    invoke-static {}, Liglogger;->d()I
    to the code

      1. link is already there… yes the app will crash with the new release but catlog info is still good.

      2. orignal APK Link has signed-mo file which is no longer supported and as soon as i start whatsapp server rejects the application stating that this version has expired in Mar, 2014, is there any new signed-mo / modified file there after??

  3. good way to come to the password. i have the problem that i have big problems rooting my old s1 … so i cant use this tutorial in that way… iam working now on a solution doing this steps on a android emulator. i think should be possible to get the pw easier with a emulator which allows you to define a phonenumber and the IMEI. what you think about this idea?

  4. Thanks a lot for your hard work! Looks like this did cost you some hours.
    Followed your instructions and I was able to fetch the password via logcat.
    WhatsApp crashes instantly after starting but the password is still shown in logcat. (and this is all I was interested in)

  5. Thanks a lot it worked for me
    Just 1 last Question
    Will by Whatsapp account get blocked if I switched too frequently between Pidgin and my phone

  6. Can you recompile the new version of apk with password logger , if it doesn’t take time from your previous experience, old apk doesn’t work anymore, it stops with ‘unable to connect to internet’. Where should i start looking for in the smali code any pointers is really appreciated.

      1. Awesome !!, worked like a charm , kudos to your work and your reply . I used an emulator instead of a rooted device , using adb backup and adb restore ( needed to match signatures). However yowsup is not working i suppose , though it worked with pidgin plugin you mentioned in earlier comment , no issues we could use c++ too : ) , thanks again .

      1. Have you just changed it? Because i just downloaded it, and i got the message saying that the login procedure was changed…. and that i needed to update

        1. Nope . I updated yesterdy. Remember this is a modified apk, what’s app might block new registration using this apk. that’s why I used backup nd restore.

          1. I’m trying the backup and restore method right now! but i’ve got this utterly slow Galaxy ace as android phone, i normaly use my iPhone hahaha

          1. so if my phone number would be +31656464491, then my userphone is +31656464491 and ident is also +31656464491 ?

  7. Really nice tutorial. Unfortunately I get the message that This version of WhatsApp tied to this apk expired on October 9th 2014 (on the 15th September 2014).

  8. Hi Everyone, Im a newbie in Logcat things, where do I watch the logcat, i managed to install the WhatsApp after having backep up my data, upon starting WhatsApp I was looking for the Logcat, pls help. Thanks

    1. Hello Tazman, u’had success trying that? My whatsapp saying this apps it to old and asking me to update

  9. Hi! Anybody knows if the password method has changed? I was able to get the password 3 months ago, but I can’t do it today… 🙁

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