Cook Symbian Custom Firmware: Download Your Stock Firmware 2 Navifirm

Here is another tool to download the nokia firmware , navifirm.The software as it is a buggy, lot of fix is needed especially for UI hangs.There are a lot of versions flying around the globe i will share the one i use. it says its version 3 . 




The procedure is easy if you got the Device model and type , if not please see the previous post. As i said it has lot of bugs, please be patient with it. It may take some time to startup, may look like a hang, its not its downloading list of all the device types. After that click on the corresponding model and device type. you will get all the versions available in the next column, and select the required by clicking. Then the next column will load variants, select an appropriate variant. Will list all the files in next column. You can either use any download manager or built in download to download file. Done  🙂