Cook Symbian Custom Firmware: Download Your Stock Firmware

In order to Cook our custom firmware for any device we need something to start or we will have to start coding in firmware in plain c/c++/asm  language, It going t0 be real tough. So what we will do is download the original firmware files from somewhere or dump the currently running firmware on device using some hardware tools and modify it for our needs.

Here for nokia firmware what we are going to do is download firmware from the net and modify it. This post i will share one method to download firmware using a plain web browser with or without a download manager.

Before begin we need some information regarding device

  1. Nokia Phone Model ( like Nokia E71 , 5230 etc )
  2. Product type Identifier ( like RM-346 , RM-588 etc)
  3. Product code

If you don’t know the product type  then press


on mobile phone dial screen ( where we usually enter number to call ). Then you will get the info regarding current running firmware version and hardware type id. Note it

if you dont know the product code , look up on the sticker on the back of the phone , the one below the battery :). if you cant find it dont worry it is ok we can skip product code.

Now we have all the information then goto this website where we can download firmware

Sometimes that website is little slow be patient. It will list the all the available phone models. find your device by model and Product Type. click on the button check near to it

then it will show a loading dialog and wait. it will list all the available firmware versions

click on the topmost one , the latest firmware.

now it will list all the firmware variant available. If you have the product code with you then you find your variant by looking the product code column. If you don’t have then search for your country or region name you will find a suitable one like this for my India black 5230

download all the files corresponding to the product by clicking the file name it will open a new window/tab which will redirect to the file. You can use download manager to download and are resumeable, so don’t worry if the connection breaks in between.

Now you have the stock firmware with us, there another method is using a software called navifirm i will share it in next post.

One thought on “Cook Symbian Custom Firmware: Download Your Stock Firmware”

  1. Hello sir,
    I recently tried to flash my Nokia E71 (with the product code 0574792), however the latest update for this product code is the 100.07.76 version. How do I flash my phone with a newer 510.21.009 version when Navifirm doesn’t provide one?
    I am looking for a customized firmware update that can work around this is issue, can you please help me?

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