Enable Google instant and feel the new face of web search

Here we go with an fantastic move from google again. This time with a pretty good feature called google instant. The official information can be accessed on Google Instant page. There you can watch video on how the instant works and its advantage.

Basically instant is a extension of google search where the result of search result will appear as you type on the search text box… no need to press the search button or Enter key to get the result. Nice naa?

After reading the news i decided to try the stuff, but even if i enable the instant feature but pressing “try instant” on instant page it didn’t work. After sometime i realized that google instant was not available in google.co.in  🙁 . After some try i found it is available on google.com. So here is the trick type this address on the address bar of the web browser


You can replace mobixplorer.in with anything you want to search. Type something in search text box and you can see the magic 🙂

If it is still not working you may have to change this on the right side of the box


Enjoy Instant google 🙂