MTS Mobile Broadband, MBlaze

I was using MTS Mblaze mobile broadband services last month. I was having a gprs connection in my room and as of airtel GPRS was too slow. and i saw an MTS offer outside my office  saying free device and  i choose  the unlimited plan for 999. The device is a usb device with 30cm long  usb extension.

The guy who sold me told that there is an higher version of the device which can support memory card, where we can insert an memory card in to the device and it will act as memory card reader. But when i plugged in the device to PC. In my computer two things showed up

  1. a virtual cd drive
  2. a removable drive

The virtual cd drive had the drivers for windows, Mac and Linux (x86 only!!!). But the empty removable drive  was still a question. so opened the  back cover and found the boy!!!

there was a unsoldered port for SIM card and memory card solt. I put one card and the data transfer rate was very poor.

The speed was good i used to get an average of 700 kbps on day time and during night time i used to get a average speed about 2.5mbps. Once i got speed a constant 2.9 mbps for about an hour 🙂 .

The sad thing is that FUP ( Fair Usage Policy) sucks here too. Upto 15GB you will get to enjoy the 3G network speed but after that you will not be able to register on 3G network, you will have 1x network where you will get 144 kbps :(.

It is worthy for a normal internet user , but for a heavy downloader like me its not all enough 15GB is finished in 1.5 weeks. so i pick up a ISP which doesnt have a shit like so called FUP.