Symbian Must Haves: Google Maps

When it comes to navigation and positioning Google Maps is my guy :). Since I got my e71 i have never lost on street. Google map was really helpful when i was in Bangalore as well as in Mysore where i cant ask people around me for directions, but Google map showed me almost everything from veg restaurant , ATM machines to Drive routes.

Google maps can make use of phones internal GPS receiver for locating your position over the globe. In case your phone doesnt have GPS receiver google maps can approximately locate you by your GSM cell location.

Now google maps is not just a navigation application, its more. It has integration to google buzz where you can share buzz and show it on the map

You can optionally download and share your location with your friend by using google latitude service. Recently i downloaded new version from Google Maps and i saw new feature “Voice search” where you can press the call button and say what you want to search. If you are so hungry press call button and say “Pizza” you will get the listing of near by pizza corner with phone numbers.. nice naa?

You can download google maps for your phone by pointing the phones browser to .You wont be able to download google maps from you PC , you will have to open it from your mobile phones native browser , google will automatically detect you phone type and its capabilities and will give a download link to for the google map suitable for you device. That s it for now enjoy google maps now. I will share a trick to download google maps to you pc soon