Symbian Must Haves: LCG Xplorer

Here am starting a series of articles about my favorite softwares that i run in my Symbian devices (Nokia E71 and Nokia 5230)

To begin with i didn’t have a choice other than nice utility from Lonely Cat Games, and most of Symbian fans must be familiar with X-Plore. To be start with its a cooles file manger you can find in Symbian world. See some screen shots from e71

Nokia phones really lacks a good file manger, the one comes with firmware is nothing but a file manager for kids. No hidden folder,wont be able to send application setup files via bluetooth or IR . X-plore is much more than a File Manger these are the few features of the master piece:-

  • Complete File management( copy, move, delete , attributes  mods) etc
  • Text viewer,editor
  • Image viewer
  • Video viewer
  • Music player(Basic)
  • Hex Editor
  • HTML , word viewer
  • Zip, Rar Extractor
  • Zip archive creator
  • Messaging Inbox viewer
  • Transfer files through IR,Bluetooh to other devices

If the device your is hacked then you can view and edit most of the system files on Phone and Memory card. Image viewer,text editor and hex editor are much useful, but music player and video player are not frequently used by me.

This is the first piece of software i install on my phones after a software update or format. And i request all those who haven’t used it please try it and see the difference.from LCG you can download a fully working trial version. you can download it from LCG website HERE