Symbian Must Haves: Rom Patcher

Here is my next favorite app for my nokia devices , Rom patcher. In short its a small tool which will make small memory patches to explode the hidden potential of your device. The name rom patcher is in the sense that it actually masks the configuration/files in the ROM , which is a part of Symbian OS core. There are a lot of patches available like install server patch which patches Symbian installer to install all signed/unsigned/expired apps to device. Another patch is c2z which load files from C drives than Before Z( Rom drive). another my favorite is Open4All patch which opens all protected system folders like “c:\private”.

You can download and install rompatcher plus from symbian-tools web site HERE

You will need a hacked phone or need to sign it with a valid certificate for your phone. In case of newer devices you may not be able to get it hack or install it on the phone( at least in 5230), for such cases  what i did is create a custom firmware with rompatcher installed. I will share this in later with all.

Here are some of the patches i collected from net which might be useful. {filelink=5}