I had to leave MTS 3g USB modem because of the “unfair” Fair Usage Policy( high speed up to 15 GB then go back to 144 kbps 🙁 ). My next option was to look for a similar kind of service. In my quest for a new connection i cam to found out that almost every private ISP section has so called Fair Usage Policy. In BSNL there was no such FUP, but i was afraid to goon with BSNL because of the terrible customer support i got from BSNL 3G (UMTS ) connection i had before and few of my friends had terrible experience with the BSNL EV-DO 1x connection back in collage. Since I couldn’t find any other better option i decided to ask about the plans and details, for my luck at the same time there was a BSNL “Mela” going on, so i stepped in and found out that its a very crowded place, when i asked the person sitting at the counter about Ev-Do connection he told me there are much better option such as 3G (UMTS) USB Modem,WiMax etc. For 3g connection unlimited plan is too costly it was around 3.5k per month and foe WiMax there was FUP :(. Then i asked him about Ev-Do  details, he said no one has taken the new Ev-Do( CDMA 2000) from them and he don’t know much about it , he gave me a rough scheme details and guided me to Sub Divisional Engineer. That lady gave me the details there s only post paid plan available, device cost is 2.5K, since i didn’t have another option i bought the device, and it got activated on the next day. For the first two week the connection performance was very poor. Off peak max speed was 1.6mbps and in peek time max speed is around 450 kbps. Two weeks later i don’t know what happened when i came back from office i saw my uTorrent is downloading at 1.6mbps at 6.30pm, maybe BSNL upgraded their network since then i am getting excellent speed. during night i get an average of 2.8 mbps, many times the uTorrent crossed 300kBps line :). and in peek time i get an average 1 mbps. I am getting a pretty decent internet for 750 pm. Only issue is that network gitter is little high may be because the mobile network , i cant play online games  🙁

The device has changed from previous devices , we will have to insert a SIM card to device to get it work. Similar to all usb modems when pluged in to pc we will get the a virtual CD drive with drivers included. BSNL evdo CD driver doesnt have driver for linux machines but there are methods to get the device work with linux, i will share it later.