PSP Volume Up Broken

Last week i found my PSP volume up button is not working any more. I couldn’t get it working even after a reset of device. So i concluded that that must be wrong with the hardware. When i opened it up the strip connecter between the keys and main board is having a small crack. I have no idea how that happened :(.  When i started to lookup for solutions over internet concluded into two options

  •  send it PSP service center ( It might cost heavy+ i might miss psp for a long time)
  •  Get a PSP volume Controller board and replace it myself.  But i couldn’t find any online store in india selling this thing.

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ADT v15: few things before updating

Last week i updated ADT from perfectly working v12 to v15. Now my graphical layout editor is broken in eclipse.There are few good thing comes along with it.

Few good thing happened is the compiling method is changed. Prior to v14 when ever we save a file or build a project eclipse build chain will  compile all resources like layout ,drawble etc . then compile all java class to class files then dex  them to dalvik executable  build apk from it. This usually take a little longer if you  have big project. New ADT doesnt make apk while building instead apk creation is only when you try to run the application in emulator or device.

Another good thing is compiling Library projects. earlier it was like we need to have full source of library project for referencing it from a main project. Now library project is compiled and packaged to a jar file , you can add this jar file to your main project build path. The only issue is that resources wont be included in jar file. Android recommends not to use any resources in library project  :(

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BlueStacks ready to download

Previously i had mentioned about a venture by bluestacks here . Well they have the alpha build for public download.
Visit Download page of bluestacks to get started. The installation comes with some free apps like talking tom, drag racer, bubble busters etc. Good thing is that unlike android emulator it is fast, can work on full screen.The application is in alpha state and currently available only for windows 7 OS.
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