5 Reason to Port from Airtel

At last i decided to use MNP to port from my number from Airtel. These are the prime reason for me

  1. Worst CUSTOMER CARE, i had to call customer 100 times to get something cleared most of the time they will keep you on hold for infinity wit no hold tone and finally will disconnect, note that it i was being charged for that worthless holding. Funny thing i called customer care today just to know what will happen to my balance when i port. that lady asked me few question why am doing i gave few reasons the same happened she told me she is connecting me to some department and then holding for ever… who would pay money to speak to such dumbs…. will you?
  2. In my personal opinion Airtel is the most insecure mobile network i have been. It had and has a lot of security loop holes in the system which could leak your personal information to stranger.
  3. No 3G service in Kerala.
  4. Recent hike in GPRS charge 30p/50KB to 20p/30KB
  5. Dying free gprs tricks and other tips…