Manually Update HTC Legend to Android 2.2 (Froyo)

I recently checked for update in HTC legend, found an update for Froyo and HTC Sense.The update package is about 84MB. Which might be expensive and time consuming for GSM EDGE network. Here is the manual method to download and update your HTC Legend. In this method the update package is specific for my region (ie. India ). The method will be same for all HTC legend only the update package will be different.

  1. Download update package from HERE or My Mirror  {filelink=2}
  2. Rename the downloaded zip file to
  3. Connect you device to PC and activate USB storage.
  4. Transfer the renamed to sdcard(It should be the root directory ie. right inside the USB disk connected not inside any sub folder)
  5. Power off you Phone
  6. Press and hold power key+ vol down key to boot in Bootloader
  7. Use volume up/down key to select Recovery and press power key to select it
  8. Wait for a phone with a warning symbol
  9. Press vol. up + power key to get recovery menu
  10. user vol. up/down and choose Apply sdcard
  11. Press power key and wait for few minutes to complete the operation.
  12. Follow the onscreen instruction to reboot
  13. After reboot you will have Froyo on you Device enjoy.