Mobile Number Portability

Mobile number portability will be effective from today onwards in India. Unlike FUP(Fair usage Policy) this time customers are going to be happier than the service providers. With this facility mobile customers in india can switch from one operator to another without changing the mobile number. Service providers has to come up with more innovative cheap services to please customers so that they wont run away.

Here is the procedure for porting your number

  1. Say you are a airtel customer in kerala and your number is 989519895 and you want to switch to another operator because of the poor customer service( believe me i always felt like that after talking to CC executive and their pre-recored answer you issue will be resolved in 48 Hrs)
  2. Send an SMS to 1900 with contents as PORT<SPACE>9895198951
  3. You will receive back a message contains UPC code( UPC for Unique Porting Code), note the same
  4. The validity of the received UPC code is only 15 days so you have to visit the nearest newly selected operators showroom.
  5. Submit your Photo identification, address proof and your UPC code and collect  your new SIM card.
  6. You will have to wait 2 or 3 days to get your new SIM to get activated . During this period you may not be able to user your old SIM too.