Hackintosh is Up and running


I was looking into androidx86 project lately and found gingerbread branch i was thinking to to build one. unluckly my android dev machine was ubuntu 32 bit and i need 64bit machine. i was about to install ubuntu 64 bit , then i remembered two of my friends got Mac Mini for a iPhone project i had a sneak at it.i found it interesting and decided to do more in Mac. Research lead me to OSX86 project , after 6 hrs of trial and error finally i got my hackintosh up :). My Nvidia 9400GT is good,RAM is good , wirless USB is good. only thing i couldnt get working is my EVDO USB modem.Updated to 10.6.6 with little tweak. got XCode and iPhone SDK and am starting to get familiar with coca framework. This weekend i will try with build android x86 build