BlueStacks: Run android on windows

For those who wants to run android on their laptops and netbooks might have already seen androidx86 project. Here is another project but it is different. So far from their official tweets i could get that it is a windows application which could run the android app.You might be asking what is the point my android emulator can do this? you r rite but how is your emulator performance? can you play 3d games on emulator? the quick answer is no or its too slow. Yes it is slow because android emulator is nothing but a modified qemu( famous cross platfor emulator).In emulator  is complete  emulation of ARM architechture so for executing an typical android application there will be two converstions first from dalvik to arm them arm to i386/amd64 , in order to catchup these conversions the app will crawl.

As far from my understanding(from offical tweets ) Bluestack is using combination of both virtualization and native code implementation. They have also promised a honeycomb version too. the public beta will be available in june. Till the wait and watch

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