Field Test : Tools for advanced mobile users

Field Test (aka Netmonitor) is an advanced tool for mobile lovers. This tool provides various information about your phone info , network statistics and allows to perform different tests on different parametrs etc. Basically all mobile phones have this application but most of them doesn’t have a user interface for it because the application was not supposed to be used by an average user, it is designed for mobile manufacturers and network operators to test their device and network. In older Nokia phones field test was hidden in separate menu which cant be found by normal user, later they provided separate firmware that has netmonitor for targets only. In symbian world gui is available for with name “Field test” itself. unfortunately the application suffered a big time licensing issue, because of that reason i cant provide a download link here but remember you find it on the internet. In android i dont have say there are lot of similar app like CDMA fieldtest, netmonitor etc. In some of the apps the usual netmonitor data is multiplexed with google maps api to give a nice presentation too.

I usually use netmonitor for checking my neighborhood cell signals. Of all the tests my favorite is BTS test.Normally our mobile phone device jump from one tower/BTS to another depending upon the power of the transmitted cell. With the help of BTS test we can tell our device to register to only one tower. This comes in handy when i go home where near by tower doesnt have a EDGE signal. I use this test to force my device to register with another tower/BTS which is little far but it has EDGE signal. thus i can browse internet on EDGE speed rather than the normal GPRS