Android 3.1 SDK is Here

Great news for all android enthusiasts, Honeycomb v2 is here. Yes android 3.1 SDK is available in google repository. Fire up your SDK manager now get updates now. Updating will also raise you to tools revision 11 and platform-tools to revision 4. New API level is 12 having lot of interesting features like USB API( am sure embedded and robotic guys will love it ),MTP/PTP device support, built in RTP and more functionality in motion events,Wi-Fi,Animation Framework,UI frame work etc....... Read More

Android : Animation between activity switching using Theme

In my previous post i have show how to add custom animation between activity switching. There is a problem with that, animation are customized as per our requirement only when activity switching is triggered from our code. You will lose your animation when android framework handles activity switch. For example when you press back button you wont get the desired animation. To overcome this limitation we will use a custom theme which is inherited from android default theme. Then override some default window switching animations.

To create a custom theme add these lines to res/values/style.xml


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Android : Animation between activity switching

For most of the android apps we do have multiple activities and when we start another activity either we get no animation (in older devices) or  a left-right translation. It is not so cool for a stylish app. We can override these animation in two ways. Here is simplest way  using method “overridePendingTransition”

see the example code for switching between Activity1 and Activity2

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