Cook Symbian Custom Firmware: Flashing Firmware Files

Today i will show how to flash your downloaded or custom created symbian firmware to nokia device. There are many flashing utilities around like phoneix, jaf etc. Here i will use JAF because its easy and light weighted.But it is not free. Just get it from the damn internet and here is how we do it. Make sure you have all the firmware files with you( at least cpu/core flash and ppm flash file). Fire up the JAF

Choose BB5 Tab

Select Manual flash,Dead USB,Normal Mode

Untick CRT308 , use INI

Click on MCU and select MCU core flash file( You might want to rename you .c00 file to .c0r )

click on PPM and choose PPM rofs2 file (usually a file like .vXX eg .v22)

Click on CNT and choose rofs3 file (usually end with .rofs3.fpsx)

Click on APE variant and choose UDA file (usually end with uda.fpsx)

Connect your nokia device through USB.Make sure you have installed nokia usb drivers and closed Nokia PC suite.

Power off the phone ,still connected to the PC

Then click on FLASH button on JAF…wait for message on console to press power button.Do what it say

Wait for the whole process to finish up. Your phone might reboot twice during the whole process.

After everything is done look at your phone.. Wola you have the new firmware running.