A horrible online shopping experience


I want share one of my worst online shopping experience happened this month. Before I had done many transaction with ebay, infibeam, flipcart etc. None of them caused any trouble except some had trouble in shipping delay with ebay sellers, but they informed well in advance that this is the situation and would you like to continue with deal.

Early this month my UPS fell sick and sometimes it cuts power by itself, so I decided to buy a new one, I was looking for a heavy load and long backup one , so I have decided to buy iBall Nirantar 1KVA with three 9Ah batteries. While looking up online for pricelist I found onebazzar has the cheapest and faster shipping time mentioned in the details. So I placed order. They mentioned in their product page as item will be delivered in 2-3 business days. Even after the 2nd business day the status of my order was in processing state. So I contacted customer support and raised a support ticket. The first response I got from them was its heavy raining in Mumbai so they cant ship the item. At the end of next day I couldn’t find any update to my order. Again I ticked the ticket, the next reply was They are having a technical upgrade the shipment guy is unable to update the status, the item is already shipped to me and will update the AWB( Tracking) details shortly.

On the next day also there is no change, and no tracking details of the item which is already shipped. so I demanded to cancel the order. The very next day a lady called me and told me the which was shipped got damaged and it is being rerouted to them and will get the item on next week. Now I am sure that these guys are fooling around, they don’t have the item, they are waiting for stock piece to arrive from the supplier. They could have told me the truth from the beginning , I might have agreed to wait for stock to arrive. Instead the customer support team had make up a story full of lies.

  • “Raining in Mumbai” – An excuse
  • “Item already shipped “ – A lie
  • “Will update Tracking details shortly” –  a false promise
  • “Item got damaged in shipping” – A makeup story to support the points above

After one and half week long fight with onebazzar payment team  over phone, finally I got my refund. The excuse the are giving that they already paid the refund and there is something wrong with my bank and I have to contact the bank to get money. The fact was that the payment gateway never transferred the amount into my account they finally did when I keep on calling them everyday evening, And I got my refund one the very next day when they told me that they got confirmation message. Also the refund amount was deducted Rs. 345 they told me that it is the transaction fee deducted by the bank, great !!!!. I had enough of their gibberish so I had decided to leave it that to them.

And the funny thing is I left a negative feedback on their Facebook review  page. There also they repeated the same story. so at last I asked them to prove that their story is right post the AWB number of the damaged shipment.  Guess what happened one next day, the removed review page  Surprised smile.