Google/Android + Intel , Whats next?

Despite all ugly rumors  Intel has officially announced development partnership with Google  for better android experience on Intel processors. The x86 port of android is already a big success. The Android x86 project is hosted as a open source  at . They provide iso which can be used to install on real intel PCs as well as other virtual environments like VMWare.

Though android is designed for ARM based processors, android x86 team has done a good job in translating  ARM instruction to x86. It also uses some kernel level emulation of few ARM instruction too.

 Since the beginning of mobile time  ARM processors dominated mobile computing processor market. They powered almost every smart phone OS symbian,  Palm( v5 and above),Windows Mobile,RIM and if you break open your iphone you might find a unlabeled ARM arch chip. ARM processors which are well known for their low power consumption which is very important for mobile device which run on battery most of the time.

Intel’s Atom processors were a major twist in low power Intel processors .They are doing a pretty good job in netbooks and laptops. If google’s android drive intel to the world of mobile processors there will be a tight competition and confusion between device manufacturers.

This news is going create a boom in tablet market, the laptop manufacturers all around the world are looking forward to pop up with android based tablet, and most of them did. Intel’s android venture is going to boost them which in turn might hurt Apples iPad market.