Android-x86 or WoA ?

There is lot of ongoing discussions  on Intel’s android dating these days ,especially when Microsoft announced the unborn ARM version of windows 8. Despite the android’s mega fragmentation Intel is doing pretty great job. Current android SDK has intelx86 image of andoid 2.3.3( API 10) also Intel Hardware Accelerated eXecution Manager package. Intelx86 image let the developers to build and test the applications on the PC. Intel Hardware Accelerated eXecution Manager (IHAXM) takes advantage of the intel-VT to enhance the execution of andoid-x86 emulators.Although INAXM required android tools revision 17 which is still not available in the SDK manager, but you can grab preview copy of the revision 17 from android tools site.

Motorola and Lenovo are working along with Intel’s new Medfield processors to roll out x86 based android smart phones and tablets.In the near future we will have intel inside on your phone too.


Microsoft’s Windows 8 ARM venture is another similar stuff everyone is looking forward,Since its Microsoft all we knew is very little.The big question for WoA is will it run legacy windows apps?. The quick answer is “NO it wont”. But the in future there are chances someone might come up with some virtualization technology optimzed for ARM. From Windows CE 6.5 to windows phone 7  we could see the Microsoft is moving towards a .Net framework based platform instead of native componets. This will give a great advantage to WoA in the future race with Apples iOS and Android. Developer will be forced to use .net as development platform for Desktop applications since with minor modification he will be able to release Windows phone version of his application. This would be the case of android-x86 development too, by avoiding any native component and developing pure dalvik application would make sure that his application hits both Desktop , Tablets and mobile phones at the same time.