Galaxy Note & Galaxy S II faulty hardware and super brick.

Two powerfull and popular device from samsung got official update to latest android version  ICS in last month. Even though i do not run the official ROM on my device, this post is a piece of information about super bug in latest ICS kernel. The issue start from the faulty hardware , most of the almost 99.99% of the devices based on smdk4210 devices are shipped with a faulty emmc ( the flash memory chip inside the phone) firmware. This is known for corrupting the sectors for quick wipe command MMC_CAP_ERASE. all the GB kernels doesn’t  have this feature enabled, but most of the ICS kernels does. So when you do a factory reset from the settings menu or wipe of any partition from the recovery most likely you will end up with a corrupted flash chip.The after effect will be like device stuck at boot logo or animation, unable to format data or system partition. So far there is no 100% cure for it ( other that samy service center). but one member from xda has a method here. The basic idea is repartition the flash chip to avoid any affected sectors, of course you might have to sacrifice some of your internal sdcard partition size 🙁 . There are apps in google play where you can check weather your firmware is buggy as well as is there any bad sectors in you device now.(need a rooted device for this to work) emmc check or gotbrickbug