Android-x86 or WoA ?

There is lot of ongoing discussions  on Intel’s android dating these days ,especially when Microsoft announced the unborn ARM version of windows 8. Despite the android’s mega fragmentation Intel is doing pretty great job. Current android SDK has intelx86 image of andoid 2.3.3( API 10) also Intel Hardware Accelerated eXecution Manager package. Intelx86 image let the developers to build and test the applications on the PC. Intel Hardware Accelerated eXecution Manager (IHAXM) takes advantage of the intel-VT to enhance the execution of andoid-x86 emulators.Although INAXM required android tools revision 17 which is still not available in the SDK manager, but you can grab preview copy of the revision 17 from android tools site.

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Android WebView get HTML source

This may not work on android 4.3 and later because of webview thread security enhancement

In android WebView is the heart when developing Hybrid application. During development of such apps we might need view the source code web page in webview. Here is a piece of code which do the need. The basic idea is install a javascript interface to webview to handle html callback, then call the javascript on webview invoke the method.

first of all setup webview for enabled javascript,assign a custom webclient.


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