Aircrack Suite for Galaxy Note 2 with RTL8187 & AR9271

I have manged to Alfa AWUS036H and  TP-LINK TL-WN722N external usb adapter to work with aircrack-ng with backtrack for ARM in my Galaxy Note II.

n7100_tplink n7100_rtl8187

Here is my PoC video of cracking WEP encryption on one of my test access point using AWUS036H

I have created a recovery flashable zip with scripts to load/unload  drivers .As usual root is required. This package contains a modified cm10.1 kernel. This package will work only in a cm10.1 rom.

  • loadrtl :- will load rtl8187 drivers
  • uloadrtl :- unload rtl8187 drivers
  • loadath :- load atheros driver
  • unloadath :- unload atheros driver

Download base package contains RTL8187 and AR9271 drivers

Download rtl8192cu Drivers you need to flash base package first

Download rt2800usb Drivers you need to flash base package first

use loadrt2800 and unloadrt2800 to load and unload modules

i9100 rtl8187 experimental package

for ROMs based on samsung stock ROM please see HERE

367 thoughts on “Aircrack Suite for Galaxy Note 2 with RTL8187 & AR9271”

  1. Great job,can you post please tutorial of how to install backtrack?
    Where did you used the scripts in your video?

  2. so rooted my phone easy way with galaxy note 2 toolkit, its a tmobile t889. if you get something working for that setup please toss up a how to/modules and a donate button 🙂 would love to get this working on my phone.

    1. I don’t have your device. if you are ready to a little experiment with phone i can send you some stuff to test.

  3. Will this work on an N7105? There reason why I’m asking is because I’ll be getting the N7105.

    1. you will not be able to flash the provided zip on n7105, because it is for n7100 ( galaxy note 2 international version)

      1. Thanks. I’m checking your 7100 package. Is there a way to replace the boot.img with one from n7105 (or att/tmobile) and then flash the zip file?

        1. Just one more question – is the cross-complied rtl8187 driver patched (so to avoid the dreaded patch the kernel or –ignore-negative-one message)?

          1. Thanks! Looks like either I’m going to have to learn how to cross-compile the driver or just purchase the n7100. who needs LTE anyway? Lol! Thanks for your hard work on the n7100 driver.

  4. BTW, have you tried installing and using wifite in the galaxy note 2? How about when you had the galaxy s3?

    1. wifite is script which automate the steps i did in the video, it easy and it works well. I never had a s3, since it is working in note2 it should work on s3( offcourse we need to recompile kernel). if you really need a supported kernel for n7105 i can build and send it across

  5. Is it working properly with Tp-lunk? I have the same device I.e note-2 and tl-wn722n..can you please send me a detailed guide I mean steps, so that I can also have my tp link wn722n working with my device!!

    -Rooted note-2
    -Backtrack 5 running
    -Tp link TL-WN722N

    1. yes it does work with Tp-Link wn722n. There is no detailed guide
      1. Flash zip through recovery
      2. open root shell execute loadath
      3. connect usb adapter
      4. start backtrack and do what ever you want.

      1. 1. Will I loose my data while/after flashing the supplied zip??
        2. cm10.1 rom ? any link where it is available ? My note-2 is rooted and has the company the ROM which comes wit the handset..Do I need to change it ??
        3 Thank you! for your reply!

          1. Thank you for your reply! I have downloaded CM 10.1 will be flashing it!
            any guide you used in order to flash cm 10.1 ?? And will I be able to
            get back to my orignal rom that is there in my galaxy note-2 the defult one(built in)?

          2. Is Flashing your ZIP Is in following way :

            1. Boot into recovery.
            2. Choose Zip & Flash
            3. connect TL-WN722N

            4. When will I give the command of loadath/unloadath?? and where? terminal emmulator?

          3. Damm it! It stoped booting after I installed your zip! I am having latest 10.1 and it was working fine before now its not booting!!!

          4. Can you just provide me with the modules and other things rather then a flashable image ? I mean just get me the files and ill install them manually rather then flashing :/

          5. in the zip i provides is not a rom. you have to flash cm10.1 first. if you are looking modules alone unzip the zip file provided check system/lib/modules directory

          6. can you give more details of not booting ? is it stuck on bootlogo? are you able to connect to adb?

          7. Ill tell you in detail:

            1. Installed CM 10.1 nightly latest one!
            2. Installed Google apps!

            –Till this point everything is working, phone booting and working—

            3. Flashed the zip module that you supplied through recovery

            4. Restarted the phone

            5. I can just see the logo “Samsung Galaxy note-II” After this point there is a black screen. At this point when i connect my phone to the computer “Samsung_android installed”

            I didnt not try connecting through adb

          8. can you get into recovery?
            can you download the zip again i have updated to latest kernel and try with that?

          9. Okay! I just flashed the zip! 😀 😀 it booted! phone is working! Let me just plug my tl-wn722n and tell you if it is working!

            UPdate: when i give loadath command in trminal! It loads!

          10. if iwconfig shows your tplink as wlanX then it is enough. LED will lit when you start a job on the adapter like when u enable monitor mode

          11. Yes1 Yes! iwconfig shows wlan0 !! My internal wifi was switched off! only TP-Link was connected!

          12. why cant I see aircrack in terminal emmulator! after I login into VNC I can access aircrack ! any idea?

          13. I wanted to know one thing! I have backtrack 5 working! but I didnt not flash recovery ?? I used an app ” Complete Linux Installer” available on the app store! it downloads the img file and you are ready to go! just click the button in app! No flashing through recovery!

            **And VNC is also workin.

            Do you think I need to do itr the way its written on xda1 how ever I am not able to install aircrack!

  6. Work like a charm with tplink ,only issue is that internal wifi stoped working after applaying the patch 🙁

    1. internal wifi should work after runnig unloadath in root shell. Or wait few more days am coming up with a solution to have both wifi working at the same time

      1. Maxters,you did great job !!!
        Internal wifi on my phone doesn’t work even after unoadath
        But wifite,aircrack is working perfectly with the ath driver
        It would be great if we also could use the tplink as main wifi for android ,and not only for aircrack due to its better range.
        Please add a donate option ,I would be happy tp appreceite yiur work 🙂

      2. with the current module internal wifi works! and I have tested if you switch on your internal wifi first, then connect tp-link and then in bt you see two interfaces and you can put wlan1 in monitor mode!!

  7. This works great on Note-II..!! Awesome support from the maker “maxters”
    This guy made a new package in order to help me get it working! Wifite,aircrack etc.. work!

  8. Hi,
    Would you be able to recompile he driver for Galaxy S3 AT&T? What would you need? I’m planning on ordering an S3 this week.

  9. I just found out that the US Galaxy S3 is only dual core. Do you have a driver already compiled for AT&T galaxy note 2?

    1. can you provide the exact device model id .. i can build but i will not be able to test it some else who has the device will have to take risk of testing it 🙁

  10. I wanted to ask “Will updating CM 10.1 affect working of TP-Link on galaxy note-II ” I mean I have this working setup and CM 10.1 has an update (nightly) so I wanted to update my CM 10.1..Will updating CM 10.1 will have any effect ? will I loose the compatibility of TP-Link on my note-II ???

    1. When you update to the latest CM nightly your kernel will also get updated , so you have to flash the downloaded zip again to make it work.

      1. will the same zip work ?? are you sure ?

        And btw what do you suggest ? updating to nightly/ updating to stable ?

        1. same zip will work provided there is no major kernel change in CM. If it doesnt work work let me know i will update zip with latest kernel.

    1. i dnt have your device. IF you ready to experiment i will try to get your device kernel source and try to compile

  11. Hi,
    I recently purcahsed the n7100 and followed these installation steps:
    1 Installed CM 10.1 nightly (
    –noticed that I cannot authenticate to my wireless router with internal WIFI after flashing
    2 Installed Google apps
    3 Flashed the zip module posted here
    4 Restarted the phone
    5 Started Backtrack (I used the Complete Linux Installer app)
    6 Unfortunately, when I type ‘loadrtl’ or ‘loadath’ the command is not recognized – “loadath: command not found”

    So my internal wifi seems to be broken by just installing CM 10.1- I know this is not your fault, but am I missing something here?

    1. where did you typed command loadath?. It should me in device terminal emulator not in backtrack terminal..
      regarding internal wifi. are you able to turn on wifi? can you share logcat ?

      1. Internal WIFI is on and I can authenticate (the password is correct since I tested the password with another phone and computer). However, once authenticated, it will try to connect for about a minute, but then only saves the connection and not connect.

    2. how can this happen ?? I have n7100 too and my internal wifi works like a charm too as well as the loadath commands too! install terminal emulator then type su ad then loadath!

        1. my CM version is 10.1-20130323-NIGHTLY-n7100 Built date 23 march! I installed it 6 days ago! I used odin to root my phone! flashed CM10.1 from recovery!

          I followed this “” for rooting!

          1. Hi Mohit,

            Do you still have a copy of that nightly? I even tried the version and it didn’t work either.

          2. I am not sure will post it! I think it should be there in my External drive! btw download it from it was around 175 mb!

  12. Hi,
    After installing CM 10.1, gapps and the USB wifi drivers provided here, aircrack and wifite works flawlessly. However, the CM 10.1 ROM WIFI feature seems to be broken. No matter how many times I reflash CM 10.1 by itself, wifi authentication fails every time (password is correct). I’ve tried Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit 4.0, ODIN, TWRP and CWM but it all ends the same. Any tips?

  13. Hi, is there a way to stick with the stock ROM? My WIFI breaks with CM 10.1 installed- Very annoying. Otherwise, RTL8187 and AR9721 works great with aircrack and wifite.

  14. I tried to donate but received this error message:

    “Currently PayPal accounts in India are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds.”

  15. Hey mohit or Maxters,
    I found a possible fix For my wifi when CM 10.1 is installed, but I need a copy of the wifi folder from the /etc directory. If you could spare a copy from your CM 10.1 installatation, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  16. Thank you maxters for your wondeful work it works like a charm …. but just one question how did u install wifite ?

  17. rtl8187 siocsifflags connection timed out
    cannot activate mon0….
    thats what i get when i enter airmon-ng start wlan0
    but with the atheros driver everything works like a charm than you

  18. got wifite installed but when i enter sudo wifite it returns me wifite : command not found….
    wifite updates says that wifite is already the lates version … how could you help me ?

  19. sorry for all the messages buddy… get everything working not with backtrack but with kali armel distri… but one weird thing wifite doesnt show me that none of the connection got wps enabled but with backtrack or kali x64 i see the same wireless connections and the wps is activated… can u help me ?

    1. no i used linux deploy on playstore and installed kali from inside the application very easy…. and everything is very easy to install wifite aircrack reaver pyrit etc etc good luck and one more time thank u maxters… any chance to get such a kernel under stock roms maxters ?

    1. I did this and still can’t see wps. The wash command runs, but no APs w/ EPs are detected.

  20. Hey memo, were you able to install all the pen testing tools using the apt-get upgrade command? I’m still scratching my head as to why the Kali tools are not installed by default as in backtrack 5.

  21. at first i downloaded wifite who downloaded almost the entire pack (aircrack-ng reaver and all the lib necessair )then apt-get install iw , cowpatty , pyrit ,etc etc good luck

  22. If anyone wants a fully working kali image with all the pen testing tools pre-installed (including aircrack suite and wifite), just download the galaxy note 10.1 kali image in this link: . You can SSH to Linux deploy to log in, and root password is “changeme”. For those with Complete Linux Installer, put the pressure on Zac to get this image working with his android app.

    1. i dont have that dongle with me. Are you able to inject packet in PC using that device? if yes give me the driver details thanks

      1. i have updated zip with rtl8192cu drivers, since i dont have the device it is not tested use commands loadrtl8192cu and unloadrtl8192cu

  23. edimax 7811 not working – flashed the updated zip, android can see the usb wifi (typed in lsusb in android terminal), but kali linux can’t :-((

    1. i have updated the package for rtl8192cu , tested its working but airodump is not displaying connected client , result is same with desktop as well

  24. Out of curiosity, which compat-wireless driver did you use? Was it the linux-stable or linux-next? Android can see the usb wireless, but it is not being loaded (I tried the modprobe command in linux) in linux (tried bt5 and kali linux) -thanks!

    1. though i started with compat wireless right now the package contains wifi drivers supplied with linux kernel source itself

  25. Hey,

    Just wanted to let you know that monitor mode, packet injection and packet capture are working with the updated rtl8192cu driver. Thanks!

  26. Hey,
    I spoke to soon about the driver working, but I don’t think it’s your fault. I’ve tested edimax on my laptop and sure enough, somehow the current linux drivers are buggy. Packet injection, collection of IVs are very slow in WEP, and handshakes aren’t being captured in WPA. I guess we’ll just both have to wait until the right drivers becomes available. Thanks for the good work.

    1. which driver are we looking at exactly? link says two chipsets. If you could get the working driver in desktop kali ( airmon-ng can show that) it will be helpfull.

      1. You only need to compile the rt2800 driver. I have three AWUS036NH (with the ralink 3070 chipset, which uses the same rt2800 driver) and have been scanning with my laptops with no issues. Both the AWUS036NH and AWUS051NH use the same rt2800 driver, so it will work for both. I can send you the airmon-ng output for the AWUS036NH when I get home.

  27. is it possible to install Alfa AWUS036H driver in Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 tablet, if not please write a tutorial or configure driver to install in note 10.1. I want to install Backtrack 5 on my note 10.1 and use my Alfa card with it.

    Thank You

    1. Hey,
      Why not post in the forum ARM section? The site also has a Galaxy Note 10.1 Kali image available for download. You can boot Kali natively and I believe some external usb wifi cards are supported.

  28. I have a Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 (i535 [d2vzw]) running the Jelly ‘Beans’ ROM:

    Now the ROM runs smooth and I have a TP-Link WN722N as well as a OTG cable. I am more than willing to test this and if working donate some money for your work. I also have Kali Linux chrooted (Linux Deploy app) and it runs well (ssh+vnc)

    So my question is, how can I compile drivers for my kernal and get my TP-Link (Ath9k) working on my phone.

    Thanks for you help


    1. i guess that rom is based on stock rom, the kernel i am working is based on cyanogenmod. And i haven’t started building for s3 due to shortage of time. i will contact you once i start to work on it but you will have to switch to cm 10.1 or any cm based rom 🙁

      1. Ok CM 10.1 is available and I can switch, however why does it need to be CM 10.1? The Jelly ‘Beans’ ROM uses several different kernels you can select via Aroma installer:

        -Kernel Selection (Stock, LeanKernel, Kt747 Kernel, faux)

        Anyways, I know basic linux and I have the Ath9k drivers via linux-stable compat-drivers releases.

        I don’t need you to necessarily compile the drivers for me as much as I’d rather you explain the method on how you compiled them for the Note 2 as it will be similar. A blog post on that would be awesome. I prefer to be led to a river and taught to fish rather than be given fish.

        However if you don’t feel like sharing I will take the compiled kernal, CM 10.1 or not 😀

  29. Galaxy S2 user :

    Hi Maxters , I have galaxy s2 , running cm10.1 with original cm kernel , I’m also have Wifisky 960000g external usb adapter ( with RTL8187 chipset ) , Can you help me modified kernel and build external usb adapter driver ?

    I can upload external usb adapter driver and any file for you , I can testing myself and report back ….

    thanks ….
    sorry my poor english.

  30. Hi,
    The card is detected, but attached is the error message with airodump-ng and wifite.

  31. Did I need to redownload the base package and the 8192cu driver and flash all three? I already had the previous base and 8192cu installed.

    1. usually when i update packages i update everything to latest cm kernel so it is a good idea to update the base package as well, it should work otherwise also

  32. Hi,
    I have this error message when I unload a driver- please see attachment.
    I wiped my storage then reinstalled cm 10.1, gapps, base driver, 8192 and rt rt 2800 driver. Not sure I’m getting this error message.

  33. rt2800 driver working! Donation sent. You may want to include a link on which chipsets the rt2800 work with. We are talking about at least three dozen and countless vendors. Tested so far with AWUS051NH. Will test with AWUS036NH later. I’ll probably get one in nano size as well.

  34. Hi, I’m already complete install backtrack on my galaxy s2 cm10.1 rom, also install aircrack and wifite , don’t know its work or not …

    Now , I’m waiting Maxters completely drivers pack for galaxy s2 cm10.1 rom , with wifisky 960000g realtek rtl8187 external usb adapter, I’m already waiting for test …

    Maxters …..gambateh lol …ty

      1. Yes , there are already driver available for monitor mode on s2, it’s just for internal wifi adapter , and have some bug need to fix(waiting bcmon update) , external wifi adapter is better …

        I’m waiting maxters complete file for s2….


          1. Not i9000 / i9000g , i900 is Galaxy S , we talking about i9100 ( Galaxy S2)
            there patch firmware allow bcm4330 phone enable monitor mode for internal wifi adapter , but not full support (example aircrack don’t allow fakeauth)

          2. i have uploaded an experimental package for s2. i havent tested this on a device. please take a back up or everything you can before flashing… gud luck

          3. damage? you means maybe will brick my phone ?
            So,this is for Galaxy S2 cm10.1 cm kernel with rtl8187 ….. Right ?

          4. yes it is for s2, i9100. Yes any modified untested kernel can brick the device
            you wil have to run loadrtl command to get rtl8187 and then plugin the device

        1. It seems they’ve updated it with packet injection (saw it on XDA) seems like some progress. But I do agree that an external wifi is a better solution.

          1. ya, january 2013 they update it with packet injection, im test on my s2, fakeauth and arp-reply wont work, i think need to wait bcmon next update.
            ya, external usb adapter is better, but it can’t working on s2,testing before, maxters stop update , a little disappointed ..

  35. Hey Maxters – So far the rt2800usb driver is working great for the RT3070 and RT2770/2750 chipsets but seems to be “broken” for the RT5370. All three uses the same rt2800 driver. When I’m on the PC, I can see the RT5370 using the rt2800 driver, but on the N7100, it is not being detected. Just a question- which driver did you use? was it the rt2800usb or the rt2870sta? Thanks!

    1. i was using rt2800usb but in the driver source support for thos chipsets where documented as experimental. I have updated the packages with support can check and report.. thank you
      btw where are getting these many wifi adapters.. 🙂

      1. My employer asked me to research wireless security and to determine the practicality of using a tablet or smartphone rather than a laptop for mobility reasons . So I am testing in terms of short, mid and long range. The ralink so far seems best suited for the job. Thanks to you of course!

          1. It’s the better part :-))
            I’ll test the driver tonight as I don’t have the rt5370 handy right now. I’ll keep you posted.

  36. Hi maxters , May I ask you a question ?
    Will you completed shortly support Galaxy S2 devices ( I’m ask you before ) ?

    1. hi currently i cant find enough time for s2 or s3 i will surely pm you wen i do.. sorry

  37. The updated rt2800 driver works like a charm. Tested full compatibility with ralink chipsets rt3070, rt5370, rt2770/rt2750 and rt8070.

      1. Sure!
        rt8070 –

        rt5370 –

        rt5370 –

        The rt5370 are advertised as having rt3070 chip sets. The rt8070 is the smallest although the rt5370 based usb wifi have a slight edge in range and sensitivity, with the no name jacobs parts wireless being the best. Thanks again!

  38. hi im using king droid 7.2 rom and

    kernel 6.5 toiiki linaro

    could this work for this kernel or i have flas cyanogenmod rom
    or just the kernel that the cyanogenmod use
    thanks good job

  39. Hi, Maxtres , Did you know how to Otg + charging at the same time ? Otg cable :

    I found some tutorial for nexus 7 ( flash kernel ) , I’m also find a faux123 kernel allow Otg charging control ,

    So, how about galaxy S2 ? Any kernel patch for S2 ? or did you have any suggestion enable this function ?


  40. s2 test report :
    flash zip file … is ok ….. nothing happen while boot system
    then ,go to terminal type
    then open backtrack
    type iwconfig
    display p2p0 and wlan0 , see screenshot

  41. i know it’s already not working , i also trial airodump-ng test it
    see screenshot

    I think normal not like that , when type airmon-ng , normal is displsy rtl8187(enable monitor mode)…right ?

    I’m waiting you reply , waiting your fix …..

    (sorry, my english really very bad)

    1. first thing is to get your wifi card deteted. can u post output of these three commands

      dmesg | grep usbcore

      and fyi p2p0 and wlan0 having driver bcmsdh_sdmmc corresponds to your internal wifi. there is no point in running airmon-ng against it

    1. seriously dude am asking you not to run airmon script on p2p and wlan0
      please give me out put of these three commnads

      dmesg | grep usbcore

      please have basic idea about how to use aircrack suite before jumpin . because if you dnt know what you are doing you might end up in serious trouble.

      1. sorry dude , my mistake .. and i’m already post three command screenshot on previous post ….
        post again …

    2. you see your rtl8187 is on wlan1, so what you have to run is in wlan1 not on p2p0 or wlan0
      airmon-ng start wlan1
      aireplay-ng -9 mon0
      airodump-ng mon0

  42. I type your command
    airmon-ng start wlan1
    aireplay-ng -9 mon0
    airodump-ng mon0

    Interface wlan1:
    ioct1(SIOCGIFINDEX) failed: No such devices
    Interface mon0:
    ioct1(SIOCGIFINDEX) failed: No such devices

    After that , reboot phone , try again ,type iwconfig , only display wlan0( already type loadrtl before) , mean rtl8187 no function , then I reboot again again again ( many time ) , also same thing ,don’t know what happen ,
    Charge my phone now , test again later

          1. 1) loadrtl > plug in adapter > backtrack > display p2p0 and wlan0
            2) plug in adapter > loadrtl > backtrack > nothing chip found

          2. am not sure what is wrong then, from one of you screen shot i can see that at one point of time rtl8187 was detected, so the driver is able to detect the device. can you recheck the otg cable?

          3. i want to ask all the usb adapter if using rtl8187, then driver is same ? or different ?

            then , any idea to fix my testing problem ?


  43. Maxters, Test Report:
    I’m reflash cm10.1 ,then flash again your zip , then it’s work , i think phone cannot detect usd adpater , not cable problem , maybe is don’t unloadrtl before restart phone , see screenshot

  44. Important Bug:
    After airodump-ng mon0 , finally display airodump capture screen,
    scan around 15s – 30s , suddenly phone black screen , then display:

    AST_STAT = 0x20000000

    kernel panic upload mode

    I don’t know what happen , then I reboor phone ,test again ….
    result : same thing , around 15s-30s ,black screen and display kernel panic upload mode

      1. that’s is package problem … right ?
        AST_STAT = 0x20000000
        kernel panic upload mode
        Is kernel problem ?

  45. result:
    same problem ,display error
    AST_STAT = 0x20000000
    kernel panic upload mode

    1. maxters , i saw you change zip file name to
      ” i9100 RTL8187 Broken (Not Working & Not recommended ”

      really can’t fix and won’t work ?

        1. may i ask you when you purchase s2 , recent ?or not so fast , because if need waiting long time , then i will downgrade back to cm9/10 to test something ?

  46. Hey maxters! Cannt you make a package that we can flash on the stock rom! I mean I have CM 10 working as you know but its full of buggs! I am not updating it because then wifi hacking thing will get broken!

    Please help! make a module that can be directly flashed in stock rom! please!

      1. Hey, This is great! Stock ROM 😀

        – I know you may think I am silly but still I am asking you, Does this ROM has full functionality of the STOCK ROM?
        – Which Package do i download ODEX or DEODEX ?

        1. yes this has all functionality of the rom you r using irrespective of the odex or deodex.only requirement is you wil require a custom recovery like cwm or twrp to flash the zip

          1. right now my phone has cm 10 so I just need to download this ROM and flash it right ? No need to do anything else ?

  47. It appears that kismet has accomplished adding drivers into android via the USB Host API enabling RTL8187 chipsets:

    Seems like an interesting development that doesn’t involve flashing a kernel.

    Also on a side note I’ve been looking into kernel development and will be attempting to add the ath9k modules to the leanKernel source for the Galaxy S3 (Verizon [d2vzw]). After doing some research from XDA Developers, Android Developers, and XDA University I think I can accomplish this.

    If you have any tips Maxter, it would be greatly appreciated 😀

    1. I have kismet’s android pcap installed and its grossly overrated. If all you want is a pcap dump, then sure it’s ok. There’s no way to target your router for testing, because it scans everything. The best it can do is lock on to a channel, but there is just too much filler data.
      If you’re going to develop the ath9k modules for the s3, could you please consider including the rt2800 modules as well? It supports far more devices than the rtl8187 and ath9k combined.

    2. yup d2vzw source is building.. i will try to put up packages of whole d2 family sometime this week

      1. @maxters:disqus

        I would love to know your method. I’m going to try it using the Linaro 4.7 Toolchain. I have the leanKernel source and I will be attempting this. I have my build environment set up (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) but I’m not 100% sure how to do this. I’m wondering if it would be possible to pull the kernel config from my device, prepare it with either the android-ndk toolchain or linaro cross-compile toolchain then compile and install the wifi drivers then drop the modules in /system/lib/modules and then insmod the new modules. If so I think I could accomplish this by tonight and have a working ath9k and other various popular modules. I will also be donating to your cause and downloading your applications. I’m really loving the progess you’ve made with getting aircrack out on our devices, I could care less about internal wifi lol, OTG+My favorite wifi device


        I can include other wifi drivers, but I want to get it working first with my ath9k card first, but I do have an rt2800 device as well so I will be doing that as well once it get the ath9k working. As for other devices I don’t have those wifi cards (may have to get a nano one for more stealthy applications) and work on it.

        Also I’m thinking once I get the method down, maybe make a pack and script so people can pull kernels from their phone and add the modules and can just pick from compat-wireless. More devices supported the better imho.

        1. yeah mine is similar except i have cm10.1 source with me and using toolchain provided by google. also most of the android kernel doest allow you to pull the config from running device ( /proc/config s not there it s not configured) so what i do is get the device kernel repository from cm source and run xconfig to make change and build. i was trying to download stock kernel source its dam slow and it when its done it says archive corrupted.. 🙁

          1. Ok so here’s what I’m thinking about doing quick steps.

            1. Download Android NDK and SDK
            2. Download leanKernel source

            3. Use Android Toolchain (from NDK)

            4. Compile wifi modules into .ko (in my case Ath9k) from compat-wireless

            5. Compile kernel and create a flashable zip for my device.

            Am I missing anything? I hope I’ll get this completed in the next couple of days, I can taste monitor mode on my d2vzw 😀

          2. Also looking further into the git for leanKernel it has wifi drivers in it, just not compiled, so I would just have to compile the drivers and then the kernel right?

        2. @iT – Thanks- this is an uncharted territory and there’s plenty of opportunity to make money. Perhaps I should learn how to do this myself- lol!

          1. I’m not looking to make money on this, if so maxters is the one that deserves it more than me. Its his idea and this post that got me even looking into kernel development. Take a look at XDA and read through the post “[Tutorial] Building Your First Kernel” which is were I got started, also went on the Android developer site and got their info for kernel development, and then if you plan on using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to get the dependencies, follow the list from Androids official site for setting up a build environment. I had some issues with their list as well, this is what I installed to get my build environment set up, haven’t tried compiling yet:


            Might help someone 😉

  48. Hey Maxters- you need to support more phones (at least the galaxy S family and galaxy nexus) to sell DroidDump and AirMon. Maybe include a link in googleplay to your site. You may also want to consider partnering with another dev (or devs) to crank out wifi kernel support just like you did for our N7100 even if it’s just for CM 10.1. However, if another dev is already doing the same for stock rooted ROM then business should really take off. It is just a matter of selling to the right crowd.

    1. i am planning to test it today on stock n7100… i hate to see touchwiz on phone 😛

      1. Yeah, not a big fan of touchwiz either. However, the stock -pre-rooted ODEXED and DEODEXED ROM offer ways to customize the initial touchwiz into something special. Also, there are people who would like to be able to use the s-pen and other useful apps in the stock ROM.

  49. Galaxy S2 i9100 cyanogenmod + Rtl8187

    Anybody can help me fix kernel problem ?
    Kernel panic upload mode


      1. Ya , I’m already post on xda forum last week , but no people reply , I’m try to learn and compile , but too difficult ,hope someone can help me …..

  50. I saw nothing indicating the 8187 was used in any of those, the only thing 8187 is a driver for, is cards with the 8187 chipset in them, which neither of those have.
    Correct me please if I’m wrong.
    As well i would like to ask if this works on GT-N7100 N7100XXALIH with RedPill Rev1.47 Kernel?

    1. i didnt get your first question.
      as far the second question about using redpill kernel if you have read my post carefully what i did is compiled a modified kernel and installed in to device. So what you think if you install another kernel will it work?

      1. Actually I had to use the Redpill kernel to fix a charging issue with my note 2.

        I’ve found the ath9k coded in the Redpill kernel’s source, , but seems it’s not compiled into the kernel as nothing is in /lib/modules or /sys/module as shown in

        The revision I’m using “rev1.47” is for the Samsung stock based Rom and can’t find this exact revision’s source to recompile it.

        I’ve checked also your thread but i think this always will not work for the redpill kernel, correct me if I’m wrong.

        So I’m asking you if you can check the Redpill Git repository and tell me if any of those source can be used to be recompiled with with chipset support, or if you have any further advices, you’ll be greatly appreciated.

        1. You are right, driver ath9k is part of kernel source so it will be there on most of the source. from the redpil source i can see that kernel version is 3.0.65. You probably able to compile the ath9k_htc modules by enabling them in config, i will be explaining this on the next post on the kernel building module.I had some issues with linux 3.0.65 version ( as in CM kernel) i had to back port some files from linux kernel 3.4 source.I will be posting those patches soon in the next post. I see one build script . I hope you are able to build using that. If you are ready to experiment let me know i will try to compile from my side sometime this week and give you for testing. Though i have galaxy note 2 i will not test because I dont want to go back to stock rom.

          1. Actually I’m not sure which source from those on Redpill github which is compatible with my device or even there’s no much info on what’s the difference between them.

            “I want to add that i used “CF-Auto-Root-t03g-t03gxx-gtn7100″ to root my Note2. ”

            As well I see the Redpill kernel flashed on my device is compiled using “crosstool-ng-linaro”. But I still need some more info on how to enable the ath9k_htc in the config at the time I have no config in my device /proc; so I have to use the config as or if you can point me on how to do so. “some clarification is required regarding how to enable such module in the kernel.”

            Cause I’ve tried to follow your post ” ” on compiling kernel with USB Wifi adapter support, but not clear how to get crosstool-ng mentioned above to be used as the toolchain.

            You’re greatly appreciated for your help.

          2. Hey, no comment on my last reply .. really very frustrating.. trying to get it working and can’t.

          3. usually it is difficult to find the kernel source branch from a prebuilt kernel. You will have to ask the dev or sometimes it is possible to find the commit id, can you post output of command
            cat /proc/version
            from a device shell

          4. I’ve tried to compile the Redpill-stock kernel with toolchain arm-eabi-linaro-4.6.2 , got :
            cc1: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-mno-unaligned-access’
            kernel/bounds.c:1:0: warning: switch -mcpu=cortex-a9 conflicts with -march=armv4t switch [enabled by default]
            make[1]: *** [kernel/bounds.s] Error 1
            make: *** [prepare0] Error 2

          5. Here what i got when tried using linaro 4.7.3 :

            [email protected]:~/android/kernel/RedPillKernel# make -j1
            scripts/kconfig/conf –silentoldconfig Kconfig
            arch/arm/mach-exynos/Kconfig:884:warning: choice value used outside its choice group
            arch/arm/mach-exynos/Kconfig:885:warning: defaults for choice values not supported
            CHK include/linux/version.h
            CHK include/generated/utsrelease.h
            CHK include/generated/kernelversion.h
            make[1]: `include/generated/mach-types.h’ is up to date.
            CC kernel/bounds.s
            kernel/bounds.c:1:0: warning: switch -mcpu=cortex-a9 conflicts with -march=armv4t switch [enabled by default]
            GEN include/generated/bounds.h
            CC arch/arm/kernel/asm-offsets.s
            arch/arm/kernel/asm-offsets.c:1:0: warning: switch -mcpu=cortex-a9 conflicts with -march=armv4t switch [enabled by default]
            In file included from include/linux/topology.h:35:0,
            from include/linux/sched.h:78,
            from arch/arm/kernel/asm-offsets.c:13:
            /root/android/kernel/RedPillKernel/arch/arm/include/asm/topology.h: In function ‘topology_register_notifier’:
            /root/android/kernel/RedPillKernel/arch/arm/include/asm/topology.h:41:53: warning: no return statement in function returning non-void [-Wreturn-type]
            /root/android/kernel/RedPillKernel/arch/arm/include/asm/topology.h: In function ‘topology_unregister_notifier’:
            /root/android/kernel/RedPillKernel/arch/arm/include/asm/topology.h:42:55: warning: no return statement in function returning non-void [-Wreturn-type]
            In file included from arch/arm/kernel/asm-offsets.c:16:0:
            /root/android/kernel/RedPillKernel/arch/arm/include/asm/cacheflush.h: At top level:
            /root/android/kernel/RedPillKernel/arch/arm/include/asm/cacheflush.h:19:22: fatal error: mach/smc.h: No such file or directory
            compilation terminated.
            make[1]: *** [arch/arm/kernel/asm-offsets.s] Error 1
            make: *** [prepare0] Error 2

          6. I already tried it and that’s what i got:
            make: *** No rule to make target `redpill_jb_n7100_defconfig_aosp’. Stop.
            .: 24: Can’t open ~/android/kernel/RedPillKernel/.config

            Now i got rid of the Redpill kernel, and flashed the Perseus-alpha36.3-n7100 , you don’t have any modules already built for this kernel ?

            If not then I’ll try to build it with support to ath9k_htc support, at least now i have config.gz in /proc

          7. for redpill kernel what you need to do is rename file in arch/arm/configs from redpill_jb_n7100_defconfig_aosp to redpill_jb_n7100_defconfig and edit the build script as well, i was able to build redpill with some build script edit but device didn’t boot so i left, wil check if i get time

          8. I did as follow :

            if [ ! -f $KERNELDIR/.config ];
            make redpill_jb_n7100_defconfig

            . $KERNELDIR/.config

            Always getting the same:

            arch/arm/mach-exynos/Kconfig:884:warning: choice value used outside its choice group
            arch/arm/mach-exynos/Kconfig:885:warning: defaults for choice values not supported
            # configuration written to .config
            .: 24: Can’t open ~/android/kernel/RedPillKernel/.config

            —-Again I’m asking you don’t have any compiled modules for the Perseus Kernel ?

          9. I’ve got the kernel make build ran successfully, what’s the next step to get the ath9k_htc adapter working just flash the new kernel I built or what exactly in details please.

          10. Tried to build the ath9k_htc module, and the module is fully enabled in menuconfig, but when ran “make modules” i got no .ko generated, only ath6kl_usb.ko and ath6kl_sdio.ko are generated, at the time i have the source “source “drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath9k/Kconfig”” in drivers/net/wireless/ath/Kconfig, I’ve tried to individually build it using “make M=drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath9k/” got , any idea what’s wrong ?

          11. which kernel are you tryng to compile? link to source and config file you used wil be great.

          1. i will check once i get back home, you said you enabled the module from menuconfig could you check /share .config on the root of your source?

          2. from the config file i can see you marked them as built in to kernel not as a lodable module. it will be likeCONFIG_ATH9K_HTC=m instead ofCONFIG_ATH9K_HTC=y, wat you have to do in menu config you should mark it as module by pressing m key

          3. Attached screenshot to the menuconfig, tried to make modules after that and still no ath9k :

            make modules
            scripts/kconfig/conf –silentoldconfig Kconfig
            arch/arm/mach-exynos/Kconfig:884:warning: choice value used outside its choice group
            arch/arm/mach-exynos/Kconfig:885:warning: defaults for choice values not supported
            warning: (USB_WUSB) selects UWB which has unmet direct dependencies (EXPERIMENTAL && PCI)
            warning: (USB_WUSB) selects UWB which has unmet direct dependencies (EXPERIMENTAL && PCI)
            CHK include/linux/version.h
            CHK include/generated/utsrelease.h
            CHK include/generated/kernelversion.h
            make[1]: `include/generated/mach-types.h’ is up to date.
            CALL scripts/
            Building modules, stage 2.
            MODPOST 12 modules

            find -name ‘ath*.ko’

          4. i just tried to compile the branch you gave from the source i see ath9k is completely ignored. I guess you made some change in the KConfig in ath directory for them to showup in menuconfig. I made changes in makefile to include but the compilation failed, so i guess they have pretty good reason for excluding it. CM kernel has some of the wireless backported from linux 3.4 so i had copied ath source from linux 3.4 source. you could try that. i am little busy these days i will post those patches on the next part of kernel compile series

          5. Where can i find the CM N7100 kernel , and can I flash the compiled CM kernel on a samsung based Rom ?

          6. cm source can be found in cyanogen github exact link is on first post on kernel compile series boardname is smdk4412. you can find compiled kernel at the end of this post. I dnt think samsung tw based rom will boot with cm kernel.

          7. I appreciate your great support, thanks. Last question, if I’ll change to the CM Rom, then I’ll be able to use your modules directly? or I’ll need to get rid of whatever custom kernel i have right now ? and in case I’ll need to do, which kernel I’ll use? the one attached in your main post or it’s enough to flash the CM Rom and it includes its kernel ?

          8. Hey, i got the ath9k compiled using “make modules” but using the Perseus kernel, which is always flashed to my device.

            So now all what i have to do is move the files :


            to my device ( /lib/modules where other .ko files exists ) and insmod them ? even by using your load script?

          9. I tried to insmod ath9k_htc.ko got : insmod: init_module ‘ath9k_htc.ko’ failed ( Exec format error )

          10. there r multiple reasons where u get this error check dmsg you will find exact error. hope you have used cross compiler other wise thats the issue

          11. The flashed kernel on my N7100 is Perseus 3.0.36, it seems ath9k is always excluded from this version. So I’ve tried to build the 3.0.41 kernel ” ” for which i previously got the modules compiled on as shown above, but always the kernel build fails so i’m not sure what’s wrong here’s the output is shown here , so always i hope you have any suggestions as even which config i can use for the 3.0.41 kernel, as my config is for the 3.0.36.

            I noticed you built the module for the stock Rom as per so which kernel you’ve used and if I can use it on N7100.

            I know you’re busy, but really i appreciate your pointers and suggestions.

          12. am not sure about the build failure, the stock rom kernel is purely from samsung , i dont recommend that one because sammy gave me a faulty kernel, it is having some bugs as reported by some of the users ( it barely tested as i never ever going to put stock rom on my device for more than 1 hours)

          13. So can you tell me what do I need exactly ( which rom, kernel. .) to get the module in the main post working?, just CM rom or what?

          14. for the modules in this post you will need to flash any cm 10.1 based rom. and you wk have to flash my kernel, not just modules wnt work. if you could wait two more days i might update the stock kernels for n7100 with perseus kernel as base source, it looks like its the best kernel available for stock roms

          15. i have put a experimental build of perseus kernel in kernel kitchen , can you try that ? let me know if it works, if it does i could support more stock roms based on same board

          16. What after flashing the kernel ? no modules found in lsmod, /lib/modules or /sys/modules , any comment ?!!!

            Also which kernel source and tool-chain you used, asking if you can thankfully point me to their location “URL”, I really appreciate your great support.

          17. modules can be found in /system/lib/modules. u can use loadath script for loading modules. i used master branch and copied ath source from linux 3.4, toolchain used is google arm gcc 4.6

          18. Thanks alot for your great help, but i have 2 more questions if you don’t mind.

            1- I’ve tried to compile the Perseus Kernel Master branch using the tool-chain you mentioned, i got the error .
            I’ve tried different version of the tool-chain always the same error, so what do you think ?

            2- I’ve got the Backtrack installed using the Complete Linux installer, but couldn’t find airodump, I’ve tried to compile it from the previously mentioned link but it fails.. so always what do you suggest?

            Kind Regards,

          19. Tried to run the script but permission denied. I have busbox installed and I’m running as root.

            ls -la loadath
            -rw-rw-r– root sdcard_rw 564 2013-07-07 16:29 loadath
            [email protected]:/storage/sdcard0/Download/doc # ./loadath
            sh: ./loadath: can’t execute: Permission denied

          20. i am not sure what you are trying to achieve with iwconfig and passphrase in context of aircrack. If you are looking for using using usb wifi as standard network interface for your phone you have to read about wpa_supplicant it will help you connect to almost all standard auth/encryption networks.

          21. I’m trying to connect to my home wifi.

            Using aircrack-ng gonna to bypass any wep / wpa key / passphrase?

            Where can I download Aircrack ? Always from its website and install it as normal?

            Can you please share the sources for the toolchain and the module you used to compile the Perseus kernel

          22. Also if you don’t mind, can u share the kernel source with the recent ath source you’ve mentioned earlier

          23. If u don’t mind, again I’m asking about the cross compiler u used. On which arch u used was x86 or 64bit , please if you can just answer me about this question, cause I’ve tried different cross compiler always I have a host arch issue, so if you can assist on that.

  51. Thanks so much for the reply.I have already tried it with the drivers on backtrack5 and it worked perfectly on my note 2. I just wanted to know if Kali linux has aircrack-ng and all other tools by default cos in backtrack 5,there was no aircrack-ng,i had to find a way to install it.and also what arm version of kali will work well on the note it the armhf or the armel,so that i know which to download.Thanks.i will really appreciate your reply..

  52. Thanks so much for the reply.I have already tried it with the drivers on backtrack5 and it worked perfectly on my note 2. I just wanted to know if Kali linux has aircrack-ng and all other tools by default cos in backtrack 5,there was no aircrack-ng,i had to find a way to install it.and also what arm version of kali will work well on the note it the armhf or the armel,so that i know which to download.Thanks.i will really appreciate your reply

  53. hello, thanks for ur reply. i will like to know which version of kali linux will work well on note it the armhf or armel?.Lastly can i use complete linux installer to run kali on the note 2.

  54. thanks for the reply.
    i need some help.i will like to know which arm version is best for galaxy note2: armhf or armel. Also i will like to know if the aircrack-ng package comes by default with kali linux armhf cos i had to install aircrack on bt5 arm myself and it was really tedious.any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  55. in the video i was using bt5 and installed aircrack package seperatly
    i have tried kali armhf official and note 10.1 image on galaxy note 2 as far as i remember aircrack suite was pre installed on both. someone here must be able to give you a more correct answer.
    Sorry for the long delay some how you replies were marked as spam by disquss , now i have whitelisted your id.

  56. Hello! I have Galaxy s3 (CM10.1) and Alfa (rtl8187).
    How can I install yours drivers for use external wlan card in BackTrack?

      1. Sorry, but I don’t quite understand. In the link above there is Galaxy S3 >> International edition I9300 CM rom and I can chose ar9271 and it was updated on 2013-05-19 22:39:39

        This mean you have compiled it but not tested it ? You compiled on S3 ?
        I thought that kernel should be compiled on that device only. (sorry if i’m wrong)

        1. I compiled kernel for s3 in a ubuntu machine. Kernel need not be compiled on the device itself, you can but will need lot of tools and config changes and it will take long time compared to building it on a PC

          1. So when you tell Russain8(the above guy) that there is no tested kernel version of his device and may brick. Actually you mean there is driver of ar9271 CM mod compiled but only no test on S3 yet right ?
            for being so curiosity but I just want to know which version of CM that
            link supported ? CM10.1 maybe ? So I can flash my S3.
            Thanks a lot !

          2. yes you are correct. i have built it but not flashed on a device. and cm version is ofcource cm 10.1 .

          3. 1.Flash CM10.1

            2.Flash zip posted on

            And i chose S3 >> International >> ar9271 (This is the only zip I needed to download to make the loadath work right ?)

            3.After restart my root disappeared… no problem i rooted it again.

   complete linux installer

   ubuntu (not backtrack I didnt install backtrack)

            6.the terminal emulator showed up

            7.type loadath but command not found

            Any suggestion ?

          4. you have to type loadath in a device terminal not in ubuntu or bt terminal use terminal emulator that comes with cm. you have to type it before connecting the usb device.

          5. Yes Maxters I typed in terminal (after using ‘complete linux installer’ the terminal will show up) and the command wasn’t found.
            And i typed before connecting the USB.

          6. if you are getting terminal in linux installer you entering command to ubuntu shell. you need issue command to you android shell . for that you need use any other terminal app or adb shell. you try loadath as your first step even before you start ubuntu installer

          7. Ok now I use the terminal and not linux installer and type loadath and it was loaded ! yeah !

            but the problem is now there is no aircrack. So I guess I should download it again (i have downloaded it with linux installer) with apt-get but there is no apt-get command. A bit confusing so I launch linux installer -> it opened new terminal in this terminal the loadath is not working but aircrack can be found …. I will try downloading backtrack from linux installer and let u know (or anyone interested).

          8. Now I can load/unloadath and backtrack found artheros
            how ever the problem is when i use sudo aireplay-ng -9 wlan1
            it replied no AP was found …. not sure whats wrong with it.

          9. Yes. I once have used air crack / airsnort at home before. May be there might be some kind of little error in the backtrack I use because I use a backtrack that Mr.Cjen have already installed aircrack/reaver inside already. (I have tried to use official backtrack arm but failed to install the aircrack since a lot of little errors come up). I will try again tonight because I have searched for days but have not found one that can use aircrack with TLwn722n in s3 and able to crack WEP. So this might help them.

          10. HaHaHa stupid mistake by me.
            I just saw that the monitor mode is on mon0 not wlan1.
            Now everything goes well.
            Thank you Maxters!

            Now below is in case someone search in google so they will found your site maxters.

            Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 aircrack TL-WN722n backtrack

          11. Um weird…. yesterday i can use aireplay and see that the injection is working… now it seems it cant find AP again (of course now I use mon0)

            I turn the original wifi off before open the terminal and before loadath… not sure if its related…

          12. have you tried aireply on PC? i used to get random results during injection test. It is a good idea to keep the internal wifi turned on so that it will be assigned device id wlan0. then connect the external device, other wise your external wifi might get wlan0 address and android system might use thinking that it is an internal wifi module.

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  58. hello, i just downloaded kali linux armhf for my note 2, and i will like to know if you have any boot script i could use to run/start up kali on terminal emulator,cos i prefer terminal emulator than VNC.i have tried both complete linux installer and linux deploy but none are really working for me.please help me out.thank you so much

      1. hello, thanks so much for the reply.i edited the script and ran it and go this error below:

        [email protected]:/ $ su
        [email protected]:/ # cd storage
        [email protected]:/storage # cd sdcard0
        [email protected]:/storage/sdcard0 # cd kali
        [email protected]:/storage/sdcard0/kali # sh
        mknod: /dev/block/loop250: File exists
        mount: mounting /dev/block/loop250 on /data/local/bt failed: Invalid argument
        mount: mounting proc on /data/local/bt/proc failed: No such file or directory
        mount: mounting sysfs on /data/local/bt/sys failed: No such file or directory
        net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1[28]: can’t create /data/local/bt/etc/resolv.conf: No such file
        or directory[29]: can’t create /data/local/bt/etc/hosts: No such file or
        chroot: can’t execute ‘/bin/bash’: No such file or directory
        Shutting down Kali For Note2
        umount: can’t umount /data/local/bt/sys: No such file or directory
        umount: can’t umount /data/local/bt/proc: No such file or directory
        umount: can’t umount /data/local/bt: Invalid argument
        1|[email protected]:/storage/sdcard0/kali #

        I have also attached how i editied the script. I would really appreciate if u could help me out here cos i dont know what am doing wrong. thank u so much

        1. i cant see script file can you paste in pastebay or pastebin also mention you full path and name to kali image file in your phone

          1. Thanks so much for the help. First of all am running cm10.1 (cyanogenmod version 10.1-20130511-NIGHTLY-n7100). i extracted kali linux to the internal memory of the phone at “/storage/sdcard0/kali/kali.img”.the file name is kali. Thank you.

          2. can you manually enter the script commands line by line in terminal and see losetup is the one failing? and try losetup with different optins?

  59. Hello Maxters.
    I think there’s something wrong with my s3. The problem is I stayed at the exact same place (same distance from AP) but the result of aireplay is very varies. It can vary from found no AP or injection is working with 26% or 50% or 100% injection test (of course with exact same command). And also lsusb gives no output. Any suggestion?

    1. am not sure about aireply issue i do get varying results but the variation is comparatively low not as broad as your, lsusb should be working.. have tries ls usb in android shell?

      1. Update… i just dont care about injection so even it says No answer from AP I just continue airodump , aireplay ,aircrack….. work like charm.
        Thank you again Maxters!

  60. Hi, sorry for botter you. I would be really thankfull if you could send to me a little tutorial about Hi, sorry for bother you. I would be really thankful if you could send to me a little tutorial about how to recompile kernel for the galaxy s3 to make a tl-wn722n run on it with aircrack-ng on backtrack 5. Hope you can help me. My email is [email protected]. Thanks a lot!

    1. u will have to recompile odroid kernel , even though they are the same board family smdk 4412. I will break ur device.

      1. Long time didn’t hear from you, sorry to interrupt your discussion but just wanted to be able to reach buddy, First of all wanted to Thank you alot for your great help, but i have 2 more questions if you don’t mind.

        1- I’ve tried to compile the Perseus Kernel Master branch using the tool-chain you mentioned, i got the error .
        I’ve tried different version of the tool-chain always the same error, so what do you think ?

        2- I’ve got the Backtrack installed using the Complete Linux installer, but couldn’t find airodump, I’ve tried to compile it from the previously mentioned link but it fails.. so always what do you suggest?

        If u don’t mind, again I’m asking about the cross compiler u used. On which arch u used was x86 or 64bit , please if you can just answer me about this question, cause I’ve tried different cross compiler always I have a host arch issue, so if you can assist on that.

        Kind Regards,

        1. I sorry i didnt replied i was little busy with personal stuff. Even though I dont have access to the build system i used to build perseus, i can tell you what i can recollect from memory. btw the pastebay link is broken. I used a ubuntu virtual machine same machine i used to build cm 9 to cm 10.2. I used the toolchain comes with cm/aosp source i think it was gcc 4.6. The machine was a 64 bit ubuntu 12.04 later upgraded upto to 13.

          2. As far as i remember bt5 arm image doesnt have aircrack pre installed. You need to install additional pkg i think i got that link one of the xda forum post. But I would strongly recommend you to go with kali linux image if you are serious abt pen-test alone. They are from the same family I think it aircrack-ng suite is in it.

          I was using 64bit ubuntu with cross compiler from cm source.

          I have lost that virtual machine right now i using another virtual machine with kubuntu 64 bit and omni rom source. I will try to compile the Perseus Kernel and let you know

          1. Do you suggest a custom rom for N7100 international version and if any how to guide on installing it , and if it does have the last Android version available.

  61. Hello My Device is HTC one and the android version is 4.1.2 ,the program Droiddump is not working there is no Monitor Interface shows up ! it shows (sh:) when i want to chose the interface ! ,although i have downloaded the airmon-ng purchased package from playstore ! please review and fix the program !

  62. hello so im have lots of simple questions that are confusing me.i have run backtrack on my phone samsung note 2 with runs fine no errors but i dont understand how to install drivers for rtl8187 stock.the file come with an img do i need to flash the image and place files in root?also i have downloaded aircrack but its the same problem i dont understand how to install it i have looked everywhere but it seems im missing something.
    i have tried flasing the zip from recovery and recive a e verfication error which i seem to remember i got allot the first time i tried to install backtrack.if anybody could help it would be great thanks

  63. @maxters:disqus
    Are you looking for new Devices?
    It would be nice, when you make this for LG G2.

    1. it might work. The reason is that I did this long time back when CM was just started rolling out 10.1 versions. If there is massive change in their kernel config with 10.1.3, there is a possibility that device may not boot.

      1. I can’t find a download link for the older ver of cm 10.1 ,
        Is it possible to upload CM 10.1 english version?

        I am using rtl8192cu nano usb card

        Thank You Again

      2. Help demonstrate how to connect tp-link tl wn722n with samsung note 2. I used to backtrack 5.

  64. It was very helpfull for me sir… i am able to crack wifi Security with note 2 with TP-Link WN722N. Thank you sooooo much sir…..I requested you to please post how to compile kernel for any android with external otg wifi support…..please post complete guide ………..many thanks to you sir…….

  65. Does anybody have ar9271 driver for gt-i9100? I would really like to use external wireless adapter on my galaxy s2… btw I have cm 10.1…

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