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Sometimes i find open WiFi networks in neighborhood and in office to which i am unable to connect. The reason behind that is the router is protected with MAC filtering. MAC filtering is a basic feature found in almost any router where you can specify a list mac address of devices in router settings, and only those WiFi devices matching MAC address can join the WiFi Network. In order to bypass these kind of protection what you first have to do is find out a valid mac which can join the network ( in the white list of router settings). and spoof your device mac to one in the white list and connect. Finding a white listed mac is sometimes easy as go and check the sticker on the device, but for that you need physical access to the device. what i usually do is sniff the WiFi traffic with wireless monitoring tools.

Once you have the MAC address you need to set that in the device. In case android or any other Linux based OS couple of commands will do the job. I was tired of doing the same again and again so I wrote a small application to automate it for me.


  1. Manage multiple mac addresses/profiles.
  2. Turn off mac changing.
  3. Changes mac address when wireless turned on by the android.


6 thoughts on “Spoof You Wireless MAC address”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for making this app available! Very Handy! My work does MAC filtering and my Android device was changing my MAC address every time WiFi was turned on and off. This app should resolve my problem until I figure out what is up with my device. Thanks!

    1. Is there a way to get MacMan to automatically set my MAC address to a particular value anytime I connect to a specific SSID?

  2. I’m using a Droid4 (4.1.2) and I have been unable to change my MAC address with ANY of the apps currently in the Play Store. MacMan appears to work, but when I try to connect to my AP it always tells me my password is incorrect until I reset and turn off the app. I don’t believe the router has any sort of MAC filtering enabled and I tried with another older AP and had the same result. I’ve also tested multiple randomly generated addresses with the same result. Any help would be appreciated but I really think it is the app itself somehow failing on my device.

    1. Probably would have been helpful if I had remember to add…yes I have Root. And yes I have busybox.

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