Aircrack Suite compatable kernel and drivers for Stock Galaxy Note(N7000) ROM -RTL8187,RT2800USB


Today i got hold of galaxy note. I had managed to compile stock kernel for the same along with the usb drivers, though i compiled rtl8187, rtl8192cu,ar9271,rt2800usb while testing some of them caused problems and rebooted device. rtl8192cu and ar9271 were the bad boys, so i had to remove them. rt2800usb works perfect( tested with two cards one asus and buffalo). and with rtl8187 also had problems, i used a alfa device i think the problem was power form the device is low so i pulled out a usb cable for the external usb hard disk which had an additional usb plug which can be connected to a pc to draw power. when i used that cable rtl8187 strted working.

I flashed package through cwm, please note that this package will also overwrite your recovery to stock recovery. exfat sdcards are supported.Screenshot_2013-05-24-19-13-01n7000_airodump

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  1. Has the autorotation bug been fixed? Other bugs with the previous package: 1) can’t crack WEP with wifite 2) no ssh with Android terminal emulator.

    1. what is autorotation bug?? i didnt try to crack wep with it. i got note for a limited time so i tested only monitor mode and airodump

  2. Is it possible for you to share your kernel sources as required by GPL law? Would really help us trying to develop kernels for other devices ^_^ Im thinking about going to my s4 (jflte verizon) on a stock kernel (samsung official)

    Appreciate all the contributions you’ve made toward functioning monitor mode on Android devices.

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  4. Hey, do you need to be on a stock N7000 rom for this to work?? My EDUP rt2800usb Ralink 2870/3070 isn’t being recognized by the Airmon app, just the top two in your picture are listed. I’m rooted with SU and Busybox. I have Backtrack with aircrack fully installed as well. Flashed the zip, got stock recovery but no dice recognizing my usb Ralink on my custom AngryRom 2.3 install. Thanks for your work

  5. Hey, i want to ask, i have galaxy note n7000 and try to compile kernel
    with add mac80211 and usb wifi atheros and ralink chipset. I try
    cyanogen 10.1, 10.2, 11 with no luck ( error compile mac80211). But it
    works on kernel source samsung stock n7000. What are other kernel source
    support to add mac80211 for n7000? Thanks, sorry for my english

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