Aircrack Suite compatable kernel and drivers for Stock Galaxy Note II ROM -RTL8187,AR9271,RT2800USB

A new Stock kernel is available for Android 4.4.2 ROM 

I was able to compile external wifi modules for stock n7100 rom. Currently fully supports ar9271 and rt2800us devices. and rtl8187 is partially working. aireplay-ng is failing on rtl8187. though airodump-ng is working perfectly Please see the screenshots below from airmon and DroidDump. kernel and drivers are tested on a prerooted stock rom (N7100XXDMC3_N7100ODDDMD1_N7100DDDLK6_INU)  from  xda-forum

the package also contains scripts for loading and unloading modules, for scripts to work please install busybox in your phone
Important Note: this kernel doest have builtin support for exfat file system so if your sdcard is exfat formated it wont be deteted automatically, you will have to use third party tools to mount it. exfat sdcards are supported

Driver Loadscript UnloadScript
RTL8187 loadrtl8187 unloadrtl8187
AR9271 loadath unloadath
RT2800USB loadrt2800 unloadrt2800

all two_in_mortl8187_0rtl8187droiddump_1droiddump_2

For Cyanogen based ROM and video please see here

Since this kernel is purely based on the source from samsung opensource, it seems the kernel is having few bugs with it as reported by the users ( thank you ). I have a experimental build of famous Perseus Kernel with usb adapter support for Samsung stock roms. Kernel is now available in Kernel Counter . Currently it supports only galaxy note 2. If  it works let me know. If anyone interested to try on other smdk4412 devices (s3 & note 2 varients) let me know 

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  1. Hey Maxters,

    Does the ROM you used have an option for English language?

    If not, will this work on this stock ROM? Stock_Deodex_Rooted_N7100XXDMC3_N7100OXXDMC2_N7100XXDLK7_BTU


    1. yes default lang is english. but it should work for all android jellybean roms, i have tested two roms both for india

      1. For some reason it is not working for this ROM:
        1) flashed the stock prerooted ROM above
        2) flashed the zip file provided

        I will try again today and see what happens.

    2. Hey are you able to crack WEP on stack ROM ? I think there is some problem with airoplay! even if you chose to do it manually even then! Have you faced any issues while hacking WEP ?? My adapter is TP-Link TL!N722N!

  2. Okay so I have to first download the ROM and then flash the USB package like I did it before ? ROM you supplied is the defaul ROM right ? And has full functionality like the orignal one ?

    1. first you have to flash a stock rom if you are not having one. complete stockrom installation make sure everything is working fine. then install a custom recovery. then flash this zip.

      1. So you mean to say I need to first download the STOCK ROM and then Download this XDA Package and then flash your USB Driver ? Right ? Is that what you mean ?

        See before flashing CM 10.1 I did make a baakup of my rooted Stock ROM. So Can i just restore that backup and flash this XDA package ?

          1. okay i am trying this! I will be Restoring my Rooted stock rOM and then flash your package! Wish me luck! and you stay online! :/ lol 😀

  3. Can you please provide me the link for the stock ROM with which I have to flash the pre rooted firmware ?

  4. Hey I was successful in restoring the backup of the stock rom but I have 4.1.1 now will this pakage work ?

  5. I flashed the same ROM that you used and entioned above.. but somehow the package that you have supplied is not working for me.. it says “signature varification failed” when i install the zip from recovery. Please help!!

  6. This is not working on my phone!!!

    – I flashed the same rom that you used which is mentioned above.. so it got updated to 4.1.2
    – Flashed the zip package you supplied.
    – My phone is rooted! Confirmed!
    – when I type loadath in terminal emmulator it gives me this error..
    ” /system/bin/loadath[2]: cut: not found
    This script needs root! Type: su”

    now before typing loadath i typed su and also got the notification that my terminal emmulator has been granted root privs..

    This aint working for me! please help!!!!

      1. okay! I did install busy box again! but my tp-link tl-wnn722n is still not apearing in backtrack :/

      2. Still not working! now when i do loadath it says

        “insmod: init_module ‘/system/lib/modules/mac80211.ko failed (Out of memory)

        “insmod: init_module ‘/system/lib/modules/ath9k_htc.ko’ failed (No such file or directory)

          1. its started working the moment i cleared RAM! I didn’t do reboot! I am looking forward to buy droiddump and airmon! you are a Genius!

  7. hey can you make a package for the updated ROM ? I think in this my LED is not working and screen rotaion is also not working! I have searched over web and found that there is a bug in 4.1.2 and while searching XDA i found a link to ROM that was April 2013 JB for n7100 ! can you make the package ?

  8. 3 issues:
    1)autorotate broken after flashing
    2)no ssh with android terminal
    3)WEP cracking not working with wifite

  9. Hi I wanted to ask is airepla working fine ?? Are you able to crack WEP ? Also is screen auto rotation and notification LED working ?

    1. No WEP. Autorotation broken. I didn’t have the stock ROM with modified Kernel installed long enough to notice. I decided the hassle wasn’t worth it so I switched back to CM 10.1.

        1. Even I am also feeling I should switch back to CM 10.1 !! btw can we update CM 10.1 will it break the install ? I mean will it break the drivers ?

          1. I’ve restored to CM 10.1 several times without problems. Just reflash the drivers
            if it’s not working.

          2. No what I am asking is If I update my CM 10.1 will it break my install of the drivers ? will i be needing new drivers for an updated version of CM ?

          3. I’ve experimented with different versions of CM 10.1 and CM 10.1 based ROMs- root box and sentinel. So far they all have worked. I think as long as the base kernel is CM 10.1 you should be okay. You can always ask Maxters to update too.

          4. okay I am also planning to switch to Sentinel! Is it good and stable ? Have you faced any problems while using it ?

          5. Best thing to do is to backup your ROM with twrp or cwm. A lot of these things you learn yourself by experimenting.

  10. i can’t see my tplink on ifconfig

    when I type loadath in terminal emmulator it gives me this error..
    ” /system/bin/loadath[2]: cut: not found
    This script needs root! Type: su”
    i have install busybox


    1. Use another terminal emulator. JuiceSSH works for me. Read the earlier posts for known bugs with the current downloadable ROM.

  11. Hi I have a MIUI v5 ROM for Note 2 this ROM is based on a stock ROM. I install your .zip but dont have access to root in terminal mode.

  12. I have an alfa – it’s the rtl8187 and I have a GS4 for Verizon… Could you please make 1 for us? Right now I’m running eclipse ROM, however I will migrate if you get it working for any ROM. Thank you in advance 🙂

  13. Will this work with a Galaxy Note 10.1? also i am having issues using USB adapters while running Kali Linux natively. Speceficly the device freezes as soon as the adapter is plugged in. Any help anyone could give would be appreciated.

  14. Im on a 4.3 zohawkish rom with stock kernel for the zohawkish rom.. dunno what kernel it has. So i just flash the zip and thats it? Type the load Nd unload command on a terminal emulator the launch kali via ssh then vnc for gui type in airmon Nd it should work?

  15. I have the sprint variant note 2 and I’d like to try out the Perseus with the airmon I downloaded n paid for the app n im downloading Perseus now but. Im trying to teach myself development so any help you coulf offer would be greatly appreciated. My email is [email protected]

  16. Hi! I have a question. It’s possible to change MAC address in TP-Link WN722N? It’s working now? I don’t know what devices (TP-Link WN722N or Alfa AWUS036H) should I choose? Thanks.

  17. Hey… One noob question… Is, all of these, work on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1? If not is there a link where i can find support for my device and aircrack package fully working? I have a TP-Link WN722N usb wirelesss adapter.. Thanks for any answer…

  18. can you please recompile ar9721 modules into 4.3 stock kernel or at least give me some info on how to do that ? i got ubuntu installed with NDK toolchains plus kernel source i just need some help please.

  19. Hi Maxters

    I have original rom note2 shv-e250l ? will this work for the internal wifi card ? can you share the img for this one ?
    thank you

    1. Hi, Incase you haven’t noticed this was and never intended to work with internal wifi. regarding shv-e250l , hoping that it is a CDMA variant of Note 2. The zips provided in this site in mainly targeting gsm version aka t03g. if you flash this on your it might brick your device.

  20. Hi Maxters,

    Can you please please do this work for Galaxy s3 neo GT-I9300I please i told many of people and its doesn’t help me….

    I’ll thank you every day

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