AirMon : Android GUI for airmon-ng


AirMon is a gui for airmon-ng from the famous aircrack-ng tool suite. If you have a wireless adapter internal or external that supports monitor mode this is the easy solution for you.Below is the screen shot of my two wireless adapters connected through a  hub in monitor mode




1. List the wifi adapters
2. start a monitor interface
3. stop monitor interface
4. auto refresh on usb device connect

Important Requirements

  1. Rooted Device
  2. You should have a supported kernel and kernel modules for your wifi adapter and it should be loaded
  3. Your adapter should support monitor mode
  4. You will have to buy 1$ package to use the application


One thought on “AirMon : Android GUI for airmon-ng”

  1. IT security firms would be very interested in these apps. Perhaps update your post in XDA and mention Airmon and DroidDump. The Kali forum is also the perfect place as well. Maybe talk to the guy who is developing for the nexus 7 about cross-promotion or helping each other. We need more devs to work on smartphones and tablets as pen testing tools!

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