5 thoughts on “DroidDump : AiroDump GUI for Android”

  1. Wow! Please add the ability to specify WEP test- chop-chop, caffe-latte, hirte, etc. Would be nice to do WPA handshakes as well.

    BTW this should should work with my rt2800usb driver too correct?

    1. sometime next week i planning to start work on aireplay gui ,and most of the tools in aircrack-ng suit. by that time we wil have all the WEP pentest methods.
      this doesn’t depend on driver the interface should me in monitor mode thats it 🙂

  2. IT security firms would be very interested in these apps. Perhaps update your post in XDA and mention Airmon and DroidDump. The Kali forum is also the perfect place as well. Maybe talk to the guy who is developing wifi drivers for the nexus 7 about cross-promotion or helping each other. We need more devs to work on smartphones and tablets as pen testing tools!



  3. Hey Can you port reaver for android note 2 with external wireless devices please reply fast thanks maxters

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