How to build an Android kernel with USB WiFi adapter support – Part 1


Note:- This is multipart guide and it is incomplete. I will not be responsible for what happens to your device or computer.

After I published kernel for some of the android devices with external usb wifi support lots of people started asking me how I did it. Today I am trying to explain how I did it. As I am not a kernel developer or core C programmer this might not be the optimum guide for doing that but this might help some one.


  1. Linux Machine
  2. Android Build system or Android NDK or arm linux toolchain
  3. Novice level knowledge of GNU Makefile , KConfig, Kernel Building
  4. Competent level knowledge of C ( some times this will come in handy )

I am going to explain what is my setup . I have a ubuntu 13.04 in a Virtual Machine with 8GB RAM. I have a cyanogenmod build system ready to build for my Note II. build system has the toolchain required for building the kernel. Let us say /droid is my root directory for android build system from here on will be addressed as ANDROID_HOME. build tool chains can be found in


Some kernels especially stock kernel source wont build with gcc version 4.6 that point you can find old gcc at


If you don’t have or dont want to build the entire rom your self you can simple clone these repos alone to get the tools


or you can get android NDK or download any third party toolchain like linaro

Over All Procedure

  1. get Kernel Source
  2. configure modules
  3. Build Kernel
  4. Package kernel

Get your setup ready we will continue on next part

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