Nexus 5 USB Wifi supported Kernel

Last week I got a Nexus 5 device for myself.Since then I am using it with omni rom home builds , I did compiled omni with usb modules enabled kernel. I have tested atheros and rtl8187 drivers both works fine with airmon and droiddump. Though I haven’t tested them on a packet injection scenario I hope they will work. Later this week or next I will do a full test and probably post the video.  IF anyone want to experiment download the flashable zip down below.

IMG_20140318_003535 IMG_20140318_003353


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  1. Hello interesting app i have in nexus 5 and i would like to try that the zip file that omni-4.4.2 end she can flash any ROM ? And in specific kernel ?

    1. this kernel is build from omni source , it might work on some asop based kernel.. I haven’t tested any other ROM

      1. Hello maxters i have a problem with install that kernel modified that you believe the thing is when you installed with omni ROM and other rom as the cm11 and aosp kitkat 4.4.2 the WiFi stops working and I buy the app airmon l beach store does not detect my adapt WiFi 🙁 which would be the problem?

        1. if the internal wifi doesnt then kernel may have compatibility issues with aosp and cm.

          Regadring the external wifi you need to load your corresponding kernel module before plugging in the adapter

          1. Hello i am a already operates the airmon with your kernel changed my
            question you i may compile a kernel with the configuration of your
            kernel in the kernel of franco.Kernel – r47 ?? I would like to have
            these drivers wifi in the franco.Kernel – r47 may be put there are???


  2. have you heard about a app called Bcmon? it allows monitor mode for certain devices and can be used with your apps without a USB WiFi card.

    1. bcmon is great project which started long before I get my hand on a android device. They reverse engineered some broadcom firmwares ( real wizards ) to enable monitor mode. If their mods can inject/dump monitor packets it should work on my apps.

  3. I am seriously interested in this. So just to be clear I have to have Omni ROM for this, then flash your kernel, then plug in my wifi adapter, install bcmon and proceed? Thanx.

        1. though bcomon is a project of same motives, they are doing much more ( a lot more ) they are aiming to bring monitor mod to internal wifi where as I am just building a kernel with usb wifi enabled ( its just a configuration tweak ). I haven’t tried their apk , if it is using basic aircrack suite it should work.

          1. Which is the linux driver for this device? I only support rtl8187, ath9k,rt2800,rtl8192cu devices

  4. Part 3 Please Reply Fast Thanks

    How to build an Android kernel with USB WiFi adapter support – Part 2

  5. Hello friend you wil! be able to update the kernel to the nexus 5 with WiFi adapters or you can make a video tutorials how to compile a kernel with your driver for WiFi i am willing to donate to you ????thanks

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