Samsung Note 2 Stock KitKat Kernel for Airmon/Airodump

It has been very long since I updated kernel for note 2. Last night I was searching in XDA forums for stock android 4.4.2 kernel for note 2. I found few and I choose Nadia kernel. Then I downloaded stock ROM for note 2 and checked out kernel from Github repo. With a few tweaks and a lot of copy pasts from my previous stock kernel patches I was able to build the rom with wifi modules.  Then I flashed kernel on to device and installed Airmon and KmodManager. Then I realized the fact that stock roms and my apps wont work well, I had tough time in finding a busybox installer which worked well. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it on the market then I had to pack my apps with busybox binary and I updated them on play store.So far they are working fine....... Read More