Samsung Note 2 Stock KitKat Kernel for Airmon/Airodump

It has been very long since I updated kernel for note 2. Last night I was searching in XDA forums for stock android 4.4.2 kernel for note 2. I found few and I choose Nadia kernel. Then I downloaded stock ROM for note 2 and checked out kernel from Github repo. With a few tweaks and a lot of copy pasts from my previous stock kernel patches I was able to build the rom with wifi modules.  Then I flashed kernel on to device and installed Airmon and KmodManager. Then I realized the fact that stock roms and my apps wont work well, I had tough time in finding a busybox installer which worked well. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it on the market then I had to pack my apps with busybox binary and I updated them on play store.So far they are working fine.

Credits :- Pafcholini for the nice Nadia




14 thoughts on “Samsung Note 2 Stock KitKat Kernel for Airmon/Airodump”

  1. Hello Nadia version is used for kitkat ?, you recompiled your kernel version with the latest updates of Nadia ?.

  2. It was very helpfull for me sir… i am able to crack wifi Security with note 2 with TP-Link WN722N. Thank you sooooo much sir…..I requested you to please post how to compile kernel for any android with external otg wifi support…..please post complete guide ………..many thanks to you sir………..

  3. Where is your kernel’s source code? I’m sure you already know that you can’t make a closed source kernel!
    “The Linux kernel is under GPLv2, which implies that any derivative work
    of a GPL-licensed code must also have a GPL-compatible license.”

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