I had to leave MTS 3g USB modem because of the “unfair” Fair Usage Policy( high speed up to 15 GB then go back to 144 kbps 🙁 ). My next option was to look for a similar kind of service. In my quest for a new connection i cam to found out that almost every private ISP section has so called Fair Usage Policy. In BSNL there was no such FUP, but i was afraid to goon with BSNL because of the terrible customer support i got from BSNL 3G (UMTS ) connection i had before and few of my friends had terrible experience with the BSNL EV-DO 1x connection back in collage. Continue reading BSNL EV-DO 3G USB Modem

MTS Mobile Broadband, MBlaze

I was using MTS Mblaze mobile broadband services last month. I was having a gprs connection in my room and as of airtel GPRS was too slow. and i saw an MTS offer outside my office  saying free device and  i choose  the unlimited plan for 999. The device is a usb device with 30cm long  usb extension.
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