Mobile Number Portability

Mobile number portability will be effective from today onwards in India. Unlike FUP(Fair usage Policy) this time customers are going to be happier than the service providers. With this facility mobile customers in india can switch from one operator to another without changing the mobile number. Service providers has to come up with more innovative cheap services to please customers so that they wont run away.

Here is the procedure for porting your number

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Airtel 3G in Banglore

Last week i visited my brother in Bangalore. I was searching for 3g signals and found Airtel 3g signal, but the sad news was that it was only test signal. I was able to register on UMTS network but the range lasted only for a second then its gone. To my surprise on new year at about 2’o clock morning when i switched DoCoMo 3G sim and back to airtel i saw that though there was no 3g signal but the data connection symbol was not crossed ,huh. Continue reading Airtel 3G in Banglore