Download Google Maps from PC

Here am sharing a trick to download Google map for your device from PC. Before that let me tell you the need for this. Gmaps is free navigation application.Google wont let you download Gmaps other than the phone built in browser. For my nokia device my gmaps is heavy is 1.5MB. For each time i do a format or firmware update  i had to download each time. In Airtel GPRS and so called EDGE network its takes a little time. So this method we can have a copy with us for offline install


  1. Firefox browser
  2. little brain 🙂

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Symbian Must Haves: Google Maps

When it comes to navigation and positioning Google Maps is my guy :). Since I got my e71 i have never lost on street. Google map was really helpful when i was in Bangalore as well as in Mysore where i cant ask people around me for directions, but Google map showed me almost everything from veg restaurant , ATM machines to Drive routes.

Google maps can make use of phones internal GPS receiver for locating your position over the globe. In case your phone doesnt have GPS receiver google maps can approximately locate you by your GSM cell location.
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