Google/Android + Intel , Whats next?

Despite all ugly rumors  Intel has officially announced development partnership with Google  for better android experience on Intel processors. The x86 port of android is already a big success. The Android x86 project is hosted as a open source  at . They provide iso which can be used to install on real intel PCs as well as other virtual environments like VMWare.

Though android is designed for ARM based processors, android x86 team has done a good job in translating  ARM instruction to x86. It also uses some kernel level emulation of few ARM instruction too.

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GTalk Guru: Your chat buddy

Most of you people must be knowing gtalk guru. If not get to know now. GTalk guru is a gtalk bot from google labs, which is very handy. What you have to do is just add [email protected] to gtalk friend. Continue reading GTalk Guru: Your chat buddy


Search engine giant google is repeating their mistakes again by killing Indian hearts. Again google removed arunachal pradesh and Jammu & kashmir from map of India. In google analytics ( a well featured web analysis tool for webmasters) when you choose to view traffic report by country you will get an not very funny map of India. I dont know whats wrong with them may be (yes may be ) the are playing a DIRTY trick to take google back to china. What ever it is the millions in India are not going to like it or do they need India to ban Google ….  OMG it will be real fun.
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