PSP Volume Up Broken

Last week i found my PSP volume up button is not working any more. I couldn’t get it working even after a reset of device. So i concluded that that must be wrong with the hardware. When i opened it up the strip connecter between the keys and main board is having a small crack. I have no idea how that happened :(.  When i started to lookup for solutions over internet concluded into two options

  •  send it PSP service center ( It might cost heavy+ i might miss psp for a long time)
  •  Get a PSP volume Controller board and replace it myself.  But i couldn’t find any online store in india selling this thing.

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Firefox 6 is Ready to download

Firefox has released next version,v6  only after eight weeks of its predecessor. Because of the short interval of time there is no much noticeable difference between version 5 and 6 but the developer change log indicates more than a thousand changes. Few noticeable changes are like address bar highlighting  ( as we seen previously on chrome and IE), Site Identity allows to see the details of secure connection fast, new secret menu “about:permissions”. Continue reading Firefox 6 is Ready to download